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Arctic Monkeys

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Most people in the UK will have heard their energetic single "I bet you look good on the dancefloor" on the radio and in clubs - one that gets everyone dancing and bouncing!

They're due to release a new seingle in January "When The Sun Goes Down", but in the meantime, you can enjoy the singles Domino is releasing both on 10" vinyl and digitally through iTunes.

The track listing for the songs is:

"I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor"

"Bigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts"

"Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick"

Also available is the Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys single, featuring:

"Fake Tales Of San Francisco"

"From The Ritz To The Rubble"

These guys really give their all for their love performances and is guaranteed to have you singing along and getting up to boogie! They've played very successfully to receptive audiences at festivals like Reading, and will be touring the States in the months to come.


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i like the album but i'm beginning to think they're a little overrated - a dj i really respect started going on about how the album is going to be an alltime great and that they've changed the way music will be written - come on!! i do like it a lot though and i hope they manage to pull off a second album too now that the pressure is on!

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Ihad been told about them by a somewhat hip friend and had read all about them in Mojo, and it sounded to me like they were the next big thing ever, but I had a look at one of their videos...I forget which one it was, honestly, and it was all right. I liked the music, might check out their album, but for all the talk, I was expecting to fall off my chair like I did when I heard The White Stripes for the first time.

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I seen magazines just singing their praises , too , though I've yet to hear / see them for myself ." Time" claims that the readership of 'New Music Express' (? British Magazine? ) have recently voted their debut as the ' 5th greatest album of all time ' ! :stars: Wow . High praise , indeed , ( or some people are high ) for 2 nineteen year-olds and 2 twenty -year olds to surpass even ' Revolver' and 'London Calling ' ... Surveys aside , though , they must be pretty good , at least .

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Kevin, the poll you referred to in the NME: readers voted it the 5th best album of all time when the album had been out for less than a week. The people who voted for it are so impressionable, peer-conscious (and downright clueless) that by the end of the year, it probably won't even be the best album outta Sheffield....

Judging from the results of their 2006 awards (bearing in mind that its only February: they could present another set of awards to a different set of artists in June 2006, and again in September,... etc)which InvisR kindly reproduced in Music News, the NME (which, before it achieved monopoly in the UK music papers market had a reputation for being the "serious" music paper for the cognoscenti: hip / knowledgeable / politically aware, etc), has taken a serious nosedive, such that the average age/IQ of its readers is now about 12.

Having said all that, I reckon the Arctic Monkeys album's pretty good. But then I've always liked "that sort of thing"...

I think because this sort of thing has never been fashionable before, many people are reacting as if it's fantastically fresh and ground-breaking...which it isn't.

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