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Well, after a suggestion to Carl, and a private topic, and a completely amazing proposal from me, Batman, we now have an album reviews section. Carl has appointed me dictator...er...moderator of this forum. Now, I know some of you are probably skeptical of my modding abilities, but I doubt there will be too much controversy I'll have to deal with in the album reviews section. I probably wouldn't be too good a mod in another forum section such as music discussion or random thoughts, but I don't think there should be any big problems here.

This forum is for:

-writing album reviews (both good and bad)

-informing others of more unknown albums

-stating your opinion on albums

-appreciation of albums

This forum is not for:

-threads that are not album reviews (except this one, or other informative threads)

Now, I'm going to ask you guys what your opinions are on the following matters of running this forum section:

Do you think there should be a minimum length requirement? If so, what should it be?

What do you think would constitute deleting a thread?

Any other suggestions?

My answers to the first two questions are this. At other forums I've been to, there is a minimum length requirement. One of them is 20 lines. The other isn't official, but if it is really short and uninformative, it is deleted. I think the way it should work here is that if a review looks like there wasn't any effort put in it, it should be deleted. Of course, I realize we are all busy people, so that's just a suggestion. I'm flexible. The better reviews will probably stay near the front anyways.

Happy reviewing!

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Really? At the forums I've been to, everyone really appreciated the longer reviews. Are you suggesting a maximum amount of lines?

i personally can't be bothered to read the long ones, like the white stripes one for example, but i have read the shorter ones. and it looks like it's not just me. a couple of short paragraphs should be enough, afterall, as i got taught in my writting class, being concise is key!

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Well, I don't think there should be a rule that you can't go over a certain amount of lines. But it's probably a good idea not to do too much, because than people won't read them. I'll try to do quick summaries on some of my longer ones, and post them in the review's thread.

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Sure, soundtracks are fine.

Really, EA? Most pages with the new 50 posts per page format are longer than the threads here, so I don't see why that would happen.

by the way, I just made a short review, it's for "The Action Is Go" by Fu Manchu. It's about a paragraph long, because Fu Manchu isn't a very deep band.

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Wow, too long on dial-up! Can't read 99% of them :( Page takes too long to load :(

If you are on a dial up connection (which by the way sucks like nothing else sucks on this planet) :grin: , here are some tips for better page loading:

Change your display settings to:

> show only a small amount of replies per page (the less replies to load, the faster the page can load).

> check the box that says "hide avatars" (not having to load the avatars for each page will greatly increase your page loading time). :)

> check the box that says "auto jump to new posts". (Then when you click on the thread title, it will automatically take you to the first new post so you don't have to guess what page the first new post starts on).

> switch to broadband! Dial-up sucks! =:P

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Album reviews isn't about quantity, but quality. Some writers are gifted at concise descriptions and can pack a wallop in a paragraph or maybe two. On the other hand, a long thorough review can also be the icing on the cake. That's my view so therefore, I don't judge on quantity.

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