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Here are some crappy lyrics

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Untitled at the moment; still working the song out...

She lets me down

So gently that it doesn’t hurt

Until she’s returned

To pick me up again

She leaves me with

Sentimental regret

That doesn’t bite

Until I’ve let it go

Such a lovely heartache

She brushes me away

But keeps me close enough

To reach for my hand

For safety or admonishment

She’ll never say if

She hated that I wanted her

Or perhaps

Loved that I turned her on

Such a lovely heartache

Such a lovely heartache

Such a lovely heartache

Please let it stop.

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In the meantime, listen to some Good Charlotte to effectively lower your standards.

Here is a thread from last year (damn, I've got to get off these boards and get a life) about our boys.

And there can be no mention of Walken without bringing up, once again, the Cowbell sketch.

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Ah, the cowbell sketch.

A really dumb idea has never been turned into something as brilliant. Really, what's the impetus for such a sketch? "Hey, let's put Will in a small, fuzzy shirt and give him a cowbell." He's the only person that could've made that funny. But I think that goes for most of his bits, like the "get off the shed" thing, the cat toy company and the various times he wore thongs.

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John, I find your song lightyears from "crappy." The music is VERY well done with high quality production values (keeping in mind my computer speakers are not the most discerning acoustic delivery system.) As for the lyrics, the age-old scenrio of lost love is freshened with a new slant imparted by your skills as a lyricist. I felt the only weakness was inherent syllabic pacing. While it is far from impossible to do so, it takes a very special combination of melody to rhythmn in order to avoid sounding forced the incorporation of 4 syllable words such as "sentimental" and "admonishment" into a song. But this is a minor detail to a very successful accomplishment. My compliments to you, Sir.

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