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Kashmir-Led Zeppelin

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Why did Zep write a song about it then?

Though in reality it is involved in border disputes , Kashmir is reportedly one of the loveliest areas of India/Pakistan . It is reputedly the home of the legendary Shangri-la , an exotic and ' heavenly' locale , and knowing Plant's fondness for legend and mythos is likely the reason for the reference.

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Two views of Dal Lake in Kashmir.


Kashmir is a beautiful place. Something along the lines of "Paradise on Earth". It's known for it's beauty as well as the flowers, fruits and wool which is of the highest quality. The term 'cashmere' came about because that was how the British used to pronounce 'Kashmir' and over time the spelling moulded to the pronunciation. The actual pronunciation is "kush-meer" not "cash-mere" ('kush' pronounced like 'hush').

Kashmir has been the bone of contention between India and Pakistan ever since the Partition in 1947 in which the two countries were formed. When the king was asked whether he wanted to be a part of India or Pakistan or become independent, he opted for independence. However Pakistan tried to forcefully make Kashmir a part of their territory. Since it wasn't big enough to defend itself, the king asked India for protection, which he was offered under the condition that the state become a part of India. But a majority of the Kashmiri population is Muslim so Pakistan believed and still believes that it should belong to them since it is Islamic. It's heart-breaking to see the devastation taking place in one of the most beautiful regions of the globe. A small part of Kashmir is now occupied by Pakistan. Peace talks between the two countries continue, with small sparks of progress and that glimmer of hope that one day all will be resolved.

Ironic really, how two countries are destroying such pristine serenity so that they can claim it as their own

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