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Songs with a specific theme, needed.


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Yes, it's my first post and I'm already asking you guys something, aren't I a bad girl? Hehe before you answer that, first read what I'm asking!

I would like to make some sort of mix cd's or whatever you call them, with specific themes. Here are they:

1) About werewolfs. I already have three songs...

* Judas priest - A touch of evil

* Sonata artica - Fullmoon

* Iced earth - Wolf

Any genre, any time era, is welcome. I'm open minded.

2) About the sin: Envy. Just songs about envying others, or just about envy itself or others being envy. Anything goes.

3)Songs with the message: "I love you the way you are" or "be yourself" or "Looks don't matter to me" Just anything in that sort of theme.

Well that was it! I hope people can help me as I would be very thankful!

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For Wolves you've just got to include Warren Zevon's Werewolves Of London.

For the second category Richard Cory sung by Simon and Garfunkel may be fitting.

For your third category Billy Joel's Just The Way You Are is perfect for the CD.

And Crow...welcome to Songfacts. BTW Jr. will be asking for your lunch money. Don't let him scare you.

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Hiya Lonely_Crow, and welcome to Songfacts!

Your first theme has quite a few matching songs:

The werewolf song - Cat Power

Return of the werewolf - Usurper

Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) - Moonspell

Envy, well that's a little harder as it's very specific about an emotion and not a word.

Envy - Youth of today

As for the last one, how about TLC's "unpretty" or Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful"?

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Songs about envy:

Jealous Guy ~ John Lennon

Hey Jealousy ~ The Gin Blossoms

Is She Really Going Out With Him? ~ Joe Jackson

Jessie's Girl ~ Rick Springfield

My Best Friend's Girlfriend ~ The Cars

This Boy ~ The Beatles

Got any money?

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For envy:

Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover - Sophie B. Hawkins

If You Were My Woman - Stevie Wonder

For the last theme:

Video - India.arie

Express Yourself - Madonna

It Had to Be You - sung by many people, but try Harry Connick Jr.'s version

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