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  1. Yes, it's my first post and I'm already asking you guys something, aren't I a bad girl? Hehe before you answer that, first read what I'm asking! I would like to make some sort of mix cd's or whatever you call them, with specific themes. Here are they: 1) About werewolfs. I already have three songs... * Judas priest - A touch of evil * Sonata artica - Fullmoon * Iced earth - Wolf Any genre, any time era, is welcome. I'm open minded. 2) About the sin: Envy. Just songs about envying others, or just about envy itself or others being envy. Anything goes. 3)Songs with the message: "I love you the way you are" or "be yourself" or "Looks don't matter to me" Just anything in that sort of theme. Well that was it! I hope people can help me as I would be very thankful!
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