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OK, you who just are too vain and self-absorbed to share your picture with your pleading, wonderfully warm, SF friends :puppyeyes:

If ignoring the desire for others to see your face is as close to cooperation as you can muster, you just won't be part of the big (and memorable - probably a R&R keepsake collectable, valuable too!) SF group photo.

So far the group will include: Viaene, Bluefish, CS 1987, Shawna, Carl, Bitter Almonds, Bluesboy, CanAm, DanielJ, daslied, Earth Angel, Edna, Elvish, Foxy, Jenny, Kevin, Ken, Laurie, Lucky, Marc, Mickey, MindCrime, Phil, PsychoCatholic, Rayzor, Soulgirl, Sweet Jane, Tenacious Peaches, The Lizard, Toni Baloni, Lea and me.

Yeah, I can understand why you wouldn't want to be seen with THAT group. :rolleyes: :confused:

OK ... here's the deal ... I offer you 24 hours to get your freakin' photo in this thread! (If you need more time, let me know) and then I start the montage process and if, after the masterpiece is done and posted, you feel left out :doh: and not part of this beautiful group ... well, don't cry to me. :/ :beatnik:

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