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I see you also have Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop Singles" daslied !

Also at that time, besides the "Top 100" there were still three other Billboard Charts -

* Best Sellers In Stores

* Most Played In Juke Boxes

* Most played by Jockeys

so obviously you could take your pick!

The Official "Hot 100" didn't start until August 11, 1958 - and that Chart was for the week ending August 17. In the same Issue of Billboard magazine there was still a "Best Sellers In Stores" Chart - and that was for the week ended August 4 !!! This continued for two more months until, thankfully, the Charts were unified. (Oh, and of course the other Trade Magazine, "Cashbox" also published their Charts as well).

Confused ? I don't blame you one tiny bit.

If you've taken the time to read this, you'll see that I was always a "Chart Freak".


If any of the rest of our friends are interested, that Book is where Brad and I obtain our Chart positions, entry dates, etc. If you want to see samples of the different Joel Whitburn books available, just log in to http://www.recordresearch.com/


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Hi Edna ! I'm glad the stamps arrived safely. Hope you like them. :)

We're off (driving the 500 miles/800 kilometres) to see our eldest daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren in 9 days time. Alyssa is 4 on 5th October. We'll be away for a couple of weeks, so I won't be back with the Quiz until at least November.



Christopher, Old55 and Alyssa.

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Very nice photo, Darryl.

I can see why you've been so busy lately. That's great! Enjoy the time with your grandchildren. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the clarification on the Billboard charts. I completely forgot about that.

After looking back, I noticed my source showed the date that the single first entered the Top 40 on either of the charts you mentioned, so of course another book would show a different date if it showed the date that the single entered the charts at a higher position.

It must have been confusing back then until they combined everything into one chart. :stars:

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Thanks Brad and Laurie ! Yes, family is everything. Of course, I have my "Songfacts Family" also.


Those charts were confusing, but they made for good reading. I think you'd be surprised at just how conservative the mainstream DJs (or Station Management or whoever else was paying them ?) were in their choice of music.


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C'mon John ! Everyone knows the greatest song ever written was Hoagy Carmichael's "Stardust", and the greatest song of the Rock and Roll era is the Mann/Weil "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" - mainly due to that warped genius Spector's production of it..and of course the Righteous Brothers vocals.


I'll have a think about your Question, but I don't really know much about kids' U.S. TV shows except "Sesame Street".


Thanks to all who said my grandkids are cute ! I think so, but I'm very biased.


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Laurie may well have it with "Star Wars" - right year.

I'll TRY:

1. Writer Bill Conti

2. Movie Rocky

3. SongGonna Fly Now

4. Guest on what show? Got me here !


1. Writer Marvin Hamlisch

2. Movie The Spy Who Loved Me

3. SongNobody Does It Better

4. Guest on what show? Got me here again ![/

????????? :)

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What other "series" type movies were around in 1977 ..?

Airport '77, Smokey And The Bandit,

and Pippi Longstocking: Pippi On The Run

... if you disregard Beatles' songs, this is the greatest song ever written.

I don't remember the Airport .. or Smokey themes being wildly popular, at least in those states that have indoor plumbing.

So I'm betting on Pippi. According to this site: "Soundtrack CDs of the films' songs and music are readily found in Continental music-stores."

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3. Song - "Nobody Does it Better"

if you disregard Beatles' songs, this is the greatest song ever written

No one can deny the song is brilliant

("But like Heaven above me

The spy who loved me

Is keeping all my secrets safe tonight"),

but haven't you short-changed Surfin' Bird. by The Trashmen?

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