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Worst Singing voices


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She can't possibly be talking about his flawless This Time CD but obviously once around with him was the last time for her. ::

Flawless indeed. I can understand how Dwight Yoakam's voice would grate on someone's nerve. If it wasn't for his songwriting, I probably wouldn't like him as much.

My wife can't stand Raine Maida's voice. As for myself, I would have to list Madonna, Bob Dylan, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, and Anthony Keidis.

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Triple X,

Being new to the board you haven't seen my, tearing into Tool posts. Carefull what you say about Tool, people have gone off on me for mentioning how much they suck.

I like Tool, actually. But the vocals are not the reason why I like them. Maynard writes some pretty cool introspective lyrics and has awesome instrumentation, but the vocals kill it sometimes. Half the time I can't tell what he's sayin'. As opposed to Alice In Chains, the vocals for Tool songs are either too loud - screamed - or too drowned out by the music to make any sense of the song. When I get the lyric sheet, I find out how way off I was in figuring out what he said. It all comes down to a matter of personal taste. More often than not, I like to hear things a little more clearly; it's not that I don't like the occasional holler or murmur, just not all the time...

APC is a little better in the vocal department.

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