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Please let me introduce our new puppy - FLOYD




Born 03/04/05, been spending time with his mom and 9 other brothers and sisters the last 7 weeks. We just brought him home on Saturday morning. He'll be mostly indoors, although this weekend I've been busy building him a 10'x10'x6' kennel and a custom made dog house (very stylish, matches our house) which I'm still working on.

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Thanks for all your kind thoughts.

Floyd is such a wonderful dog, he spends most of his time in the house, my son takes him with him to his friends and a half a dozen kids play with all week, he's usually pretty tired in the evenings, we walk him 2-4 times a day. He hasn't spent much time in his kennel, but we are getting him used to short stints in there. He loves his new house I built for him. Makes me feel good. We also have friends to watch him when we go on our lenthy vacations this summer but some shorter trips we will be taking him with us.

Labs sure are a loyal and friendly dog, great with kids. Highly recommended!!


On a separate note -

I just celebrated my 14th. wedding anniversary with the greatest woman on earth!

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Puppy smell!!! ::

He's adorable Pink, Labbies are gorgeous!

I thought I was the only one who loves puppy smell! Adorable puppy, perfect name! I want a puppy.... :puppyeyes:

I would suggest at least a half in half out dog...I'm the proud owner of an inside horse (rottie) I have to beg him to go out!!

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