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  1. Peppurr

    Bad Cover Songs (remakes)

    I just don't personally care for it Some others I forgot about... Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit Come Together - Aerosmith Another Brick In The Wall - Korn
  2. Peppurr

    Bad Cover Songs (remakes)

    Stairway To Heaven - Dolly Parton Imagine - A Perfect Circle
  3. Peppurr

    ...and now...without further delay....

    Awwwww! What a cute puppy!!
  4. Peppurr

    Your Definite top5.

    1. Brain Damage/Eclipse - Pink Floyd 2. The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin 3. Powderfinger - Neil Young 4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd 5. Alabama - Neil Young
  5. Peppurr

    PETA and The Pretenders

    Probably mulesing. "Ranchers perform a barbaric operation-called "mulesing"-where they force live sheep onto their backs, restrain their legs between metal bars, and, without any painkillers whatsoever, slice dinner-plate-sized chunks of flesh from around their tail area. This is done to cause smooth, scarred skin that can't harbor fly eggs. Ironically, the exposed, bloody wounds themselves often get flystrike before they heal." Poor sheep From Save The Sheep.
  6. Peppurr

    Happy (belated) birthday David Gilmour

    Happy belated B-day, David
  7. Peppurr

    Your Pet Portraits

    Some more of my ferals... Jowels Callie Mocha Piper (grey one) and her sister, Nikkita, with my little angel, Zipper. Both Piper and Nikkita found homes.
  8. Peppurr

    Your Pet Portraits

    Mr. Sprinkles Zipper (Jan 2004-Jan 16th, 2005) Boots (he is a feral that I take care of) Lilly (another feral)
  9. Peppurr

    Ok Best Endings--what about the WORST Endings?

    I think that Signs had a pretty stupid ending...
  10. LOL, I love Dogs, too. I want to get another some day. Maybe an American Pit Bull Terrier. They are one of my favorite breeds, along with Goldens
  11. Aww, that's a cute video. I love Golden Retrievers (I have one ). I still like cats better though
  12. Peppurr


    Cat Of The Day MRQE - movie reviews Game Spot Snopes
  13. Peppurr

    Best & favourite Cover Songs

    The only ones I have heard off of there are the David Bowie cover of See Emily Play and the Velvet Revolver cover of Money. I didn't know that The Who covered Have A Cigar, I will have to check that one out.
  14. Peppurr

    Your Pet Portraits

    Thank you! Awwww, that dog is adorable, addictedtoclassic. I love Pugs.
  15. Peppurr

    Your Pet Portraits

    Here is Peppurr Zeus, And my Golden Retriever, Buddy