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It's time to question the world of SongFacts for their opinion on this week's show theme.

What are the best remakes? I'm looking for both the original and the new version here. I have my own share of the list, but I am looking for imput and other people's opinions.


"Behind Blue Eyes" -The Who/Limp Bizkit

"Raspberry Beret" -Prince/Hindu Love Gods (Warren Zevon)

"Knocking on Heaven's Door" -Dylan/Warren Zevon/G&R

"Tush" -ZZ Top/Nazareth

Openning up for opinion. The show will air Wednesday April 6th at 8pm (EST) on www.wqaq.com (98.1FM in the Hamden, CT area). The way it's structered is the first hour will be all the originals, and the second hour will be the exact same playlist, except the newer versions.

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I just placed this exact same post under the Questions and Answers category....here it is again....

I'm A Man by Chicago comes to mind as an excellent remake. I believe the original is by The Spencer Davis group. Also, back in the late 70's there was disco version of this same song which sounded quite similiar to Chicago's version. I can not recall the name of that group who performed it.

I am not a fan of Beatle's remakes with the exception of Come Together. Aerosmith's version which was featured in the Sgt. Pepper's movie back in 1978 was excellent. I would highly recommend putting this on your show.

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Bowling for Soup ("1985") does a good version of "I Ran" by 'A flock of seagulls'

Kid Rock And Nickelback Do a great version of "Elton John's "Saturday nites alright for fighting" (get a little action in)

And I hate to add one of my favories groups 'Come Sail Away'

(Styx) is slaughtered by Eric Carmen from South Park. (that one may be good for a silly laugh only.)

& Billy Idol's "LA Woman"...

good luck, we'll be listening.....Can We.(online).? :coolio:


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