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  1. YUP ---- > Jordan Rudess classical to Heavy jordanrudess.com
  2. Bowling for Soup ("1985") does a good version of "I Ran" by 'A flock of seagulls' Kid Rock And Nickelback Do a great version of "Elton John's "Saturday nites alright for fighting" (get a little action in) And I hate to add one of my favories groups 'Come Sail Away' (Styx) is slaughtered by Eric Carmen from South Park. (that one may be good for a silly laugh only.) & Billy Idol's "LA Woman"... good luck, we'll be listening.....Can We.(online).? BBr
  3. Not exactly , but after some diligent searching I did find the song.... 'Train Train' by Blackfoot. .."I take that midnite train to Memphis....aaaaww... I got to go... thanks Bluesboy..!!
  4. One of my all time favorites.... Old logo & New logo.....
  5. A 'Helluva band' from the 70's... I don't know of any other Logo that reads exactly the same when you flip it upside down...!! see ... (kool huh?)
  6. Who wrote this song.....? Not the Acuff or J. Fogerty versions, but there is a hard rocking version by a ?southern? rock band.. I believe the song also starts out with the sound of an approaching train. .????. BBr
  7. ABSOLUTLELY... Best high energy technically challenging classical to heavy metal keyboard group on the planet. Check out .. Biaxident Paradign shift Acid Rain When the water breaks.... EXCELLENT ..! Some pretty fabulous LONG 16 minute joy ride songs...
  8. I was wondering what U.S. (or other city) is the 'official' winner when it comes to it being included in any song or sung about. I would think perhaps New York, or maybe Memphis. ? any official or unofficial comments guys .. ? I'm pretty sure it's not Grand Forks .!
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