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Billy Joel was brought to the hospital a couple days ago for stomach cramps. They think its gastro intestinal. They are also saying it could be his pancreas.

On another happier note...

Elton John still keeps pounding at Billy to do a comeback album. He says "the rocker still has many more songs to write" He says...if Billy Joel stays as happy as he is, we can maybe expect one in the next year and a half.

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Careful Chris, you know what happened last time you were so cavalier about someone's health status. :laughing:

*AHEM* I'm going into hospital tomorrow (thurs 17th) for my stomach pains...and to plan the operation to remove my gallbladder ~ which on the pain scale is between an appendix operation and hysterectomy.

It's not really something thats funny when you're in pain, Chris.

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