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best guitar player(s) you have seen live

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how about a little twist on the best guitar player thread.... since most of us likely never saw Hendrix, and a very lucky few have seen Gilmour or Page how about telling who is/are the best guitarist(s) you personally have seen perform - where, when etc....

for me pinning one down is impossible - I'll do top 3 - I'd have to say that the biggest impact I can recall was Ritchie Blackmore - saw him in Rainbow 1982 and I remember walking away thinking he was a GOD - also E.C. in 1990 blew me away, I never understood the hype until I saw him live - and Buddy Guy - saw him twice (1991 & 2004) and all I can say is if you get the opportunity........

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Man this is a long list...Here are some highlights and not really ranked:

Page, Gilmour, Clapton, Ronson, Rory Gallagher, Brian May, Leslie West, Buddy Guy, Robin Trower, Roy Buchanon, Neil Young, Johnny Winter, Joe Perry, BB King, Joe Walsh, Martin Barre, Adrian Belew, Warren Haynes, David Bromberg...to name a few.... :guitar:

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If I said Keith IS the best, that might infer that I'm actually at a concert watching him at this moment, which is not the case. However, hopefully I will see him a few more times in the future. So, I guess, then yeah, Keith IS the best I've ever seen. Dave Davies is great and very, very underrated...but KEITH RULES!!!

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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Hmm, I can't really pick just one...

- John Fogerty (not overly good, but entertaining to watch)

- Billy Gibbons (now he was a lot of fun to watch)

- Gary Rossington, Rickey Medlocke, & Hughie Thomasson (the Lynyrd Skynyrd trio)

- Paul Barrere & Fred Tacket (Little Feat)

- Ed Filarecki (Randall Zwarte Band)

Also saw Duane Allman, but wasn't overly impressed. Saw Chris Robinson who was fun, but not quite so much entertaining. Pat Benetar's husband was all right, but I think he lacked real crowd interest. Wes from Limp Bizkit was pretty cool to watch. Kid Rock on the guitar is quite entertaining as well.

So just a couple...

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Alex Lifeson... TWICE!!!

Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Lifeson, many times, Stevie only once at Austin Auquafest, 1987.

All time favorite would be Eric Johnson several times

Angus Young was great at one of my first concerts. I rushed the stage and was leaning over the barricade for ACDC's whole set

Eddie Van Halen is right up there with Johnson but for different reasons

If you have seen the movie, "High Fidelity", those are my top five.

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I need to apologize to the guitar Gods for not mentioning Stevie Ray. I saw him with Bowie. Saw him as a warm up for the Moody Blues. Solo I saw him 3 times..every one was fantastic.

Also saw Mick Taylor playing with the Bluesbreakers. Another Mick was Mick Ralphs with Mott and Bad Co.

Saw Rick Derringer several times. Saw Muddy Waters with Johnny Winter. Rick Neilsen and Cheap Trick. Neil Geraldo with Pat Benetar. Tom Scholz (spelling?) Boston. I saw Heart on the day that Elvis died. Can't remember the guitar plays name, but he was smokin'. :guitar:

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