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  1. Does any one know if fender still makes telecaster basses? plz and thnks
  2. alot of neil young has good harmonica
  3. 1. bob marley 2. robert plant 3. david gilmour 4. freddie mercury 5. david crosby
  4. such great hights by the postal service were going to be friend's by the white stripes they are calm kinda happy music
  5. I belive its just that the songs one the wall have such a powerfull statement...... and if you ever get to watch the movie it is cracked out at some points.
  6. When i was 7 my parents went to see page and plant and i got to go ::
  7. Eric Clapton - Tears in heaven Led Zeppelin - stairway to heaven Don McLain - American pie Bob Dylan - The hurrcain Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Ohio
  8. In your opinion what is the greatest bass solo in rock history?
  9. Pink Floyd - Wish you were here Neil Young - The needle and the damage done The Beatles - let it be
  10. 1. Bob Marly 2. Robert Plant 3. David Gimour 4. Eric Burdan 5. Roger Daltry
  11. Classic Rock 101.1 vancouver www.rock101.com And 92.9 KISM Classic Rock seatel
  12. Pink Floyd echos its long but you can cut in to it
  13. I agree with what your saying and i respect your choice but i thought this was a question of skill and im just say even as they get on in life that page and halen are still 2 of the most skilled guitarists ever and that ever will be. an example just listen to white summer by zeppelin and you will know what i am talking about
  14. Are you on acid or are you just a nut david gilmour could school any new guitarist today even though he is getting on in life
  15. I agree with danije over this linkin park is a buch of freaks who know how to hit their instruments but the best guitarist has to be either Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen
  16. :doh:Do you even know who boston are? well if you dont they are just the 3rd greatest band ever behind floyd and zeppelin
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