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  1. Zeppelin_TheBest

    telecaster basses still made by Fender?

  2. Does any one know if fender still makes telecaster basses? plz and thnks
  3. Zeppelin_TheBest

    Greatest Song with a Story . . .

  4. Zeppelin_TheBest


    alot of neil young has good harmonica
  5. Zeppelin_TheBest

    best male vocals ever...

    1. bob marley 2. robert plant 3. david gilmour 4. freddie mercury 5. david crosby
  6. Zeppelin_TheBest

    Bass solos?

    your joking right
  7. Zeppelin_TheBest

    Worst song of 2004

    every thing
  8. Zeppelin_TheBest

    Mood Music

    such great hights by the postal service were going to be friend's by the white stripes they are calm kinda happy music
  9. Zeppelin_TheBest

    Bass solos?

  10. Zeppelin_TheBest

    What's so great about The Wall

    I belive its just that the songs one the wall have such a powerfull statement...... and if you ever get to watch the movie it is cracked out at some points.
  11. Zeppelin_TheBest

    best guitar player(s) you have seen live

    When i was 7 my parents went to see page and plant and i got to go ::
  12. Zeppelin_TheBest

    Songs About Real People/ Tribute Songs

    Eric Clapton - Tears in heaven Led Zeppelin - stairway to heaven Don McLain - American pie Bob Dylan - The hurrcain Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Ohio
  13. Zeppelin_TheBest

    Bass solos?

    In your opinion what is the greatest bass solo in rock history?
  14. Zeppelin_TheBest

    The best single song ever?

    Achilles last stand - Led Zeppelin