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Wrestling, anyone?


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How is it possible that no one has mentioned "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and his outstanding segment - Piper's Pit. It was a great moment when he served up justice by clocking Snuka with a pineapple from his fruit bowl.

There is a music connection with wrestling. The WWE (at the time, the WWF), had a Rock And Wrestling storyline for a while. Cyndi Lauper managed Wendi Richter, who was the women's champion, and Captain Lou Albano appeared in her videos. Rick Derringer produced the wrestling album, featuring Hulk Hogan's "I Am A Real American." Only later did we learn what was in Hogan's "Vitamins."

You'll find this hard to believe, but Sara thinks wrestling is stupid.

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I'm a huge fan of WWE!!!!!. I been a fan of it for years and have watched over 850 hours of it!!!!. I made a list of my fave wrestlers in your categories!!!.And favorites:

Coolest: John Cena.

Scariest: The Undertaker.

Most mentally disturbed: Kane.

Most delusional: JBL.

Person that knows he sucks and doesn't care: Kurt Angle (He actually is a great wrestler, we all just like to sing "You suck!!!!".

Coolest entrance music: Rey Mysterio.

Give it up already: Ric Flair. He's a legend, its sad to see him being portrayed the way he is now in the story lines.

Funniest: Eddie Gueraro

Dumbest: Eugene.

Most underrated: Paul London.

Best back and forth banter: Michael Cole and Taz. I think their "arguments" are hilarious!

Best looking: Trish Stratus!!!!. For the nice body and the big you know whats!!!!!.

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I went to see pro wrestling once when I was a kid. My family was staying down the shore in Wildwood, NJ (an old time rock and roll mecca btw) and there was going to be a wrestling match. My Dad said I could go so he gave me money to go buy tickets.

I went into this little room and out of the back came Gorilla Monsoon and he personally sold me the tickets.

Feature wrestlers that i recall from that night were:

Haystacks Calhoun, Chief Jay Strongbow, George "The Animal" Steele, Toru Tanaka & Mr. Fuji, SD Jones, Ivan Putski, Larry Szbysko (spelling??), if memory serve, Killer Kowalski was there too. Also a guy from New Zealand who was very popular but his name escapes me.

It was fun stuff for sure. :stars:

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