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Your Fav Song By Outkast


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I am just at work bored as hell so wanted 2 spark up convo.

My fav song is rosa parks. Have yall heard that you can win some outkast stuff? I work at UMG so I found a site where u can win a MTV Music Awards sign signed by Outkast! this can be a great gift to anyone who loves this group. Check it out here-today is the last day!


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Favorite booty shakin' Outkast song - B.O.B.

Favorite cool Outkast song - So Fresh, So Clean

Favorite Outkast song with a positive message - Ms. Jackson

Favorite Outkast song(s) that I'm damn near sick of - Hey Ya/The Way You Move

Current Favorite Outkast song - Prototype (so smooth...)

And I must point out that the intro on their first CD, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, is called "Peaches"...ain't nothin' wrong with that! ::

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