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Jimi Hendrix

Janis Joplin

Jim Morrison

Mama Cass Elliot

Elvis Presley

Buddy Holly

Harry Chapin

Were they alive what would they be doing today?

For example, I think Jim Morrison would have gone on to an acting career in movies. Playing the enigma in arty mood pieces.

Janis Joplin would have hosted her own TV Variety Show in the 80's and would have had sevral cross-over country hits. LOL

Jimi would be in a museum somewhere as a freak having survived more drugs than anyone deemed possible.

Anyway, what do you think?

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Jimi Hendrix would be releasing his 345th live album, wearing Versace.

Mamma Cass would be marrying her 6th husband, a gay star 20 years younger, wearing Dior.

Jim Morrison would be reciting poems, wearing Armani.

Janis Joplin would be very close with Barbra Sreissand, Tina Turner and Mr. Geffen.

Elvis would have become a priest.

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~Mama Cass would have a daytime talk show a la Rosie O'Donnell (without the lesbianism).

~Janis would have reinvented herself as a disco diva in the 70s, lived with Rick James in the 80s, rehabbed in the 90s, and be writing her best-selling memoirs in the 00s.

~Elvis would be in prison for killing his ex-son-in-law, Michael Jackson. :elvis:

~Buddy Holly would be Elvis Costello's stunt double.

~We just found out that Jim Morrison is alive and well, according to Mike. Glad to see you back on the scene, Jimbo! ::

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Mamma Cass would be marrying her 6th husband, a gay star 20 years younger, wearing Dior.

You're confused. That's Liza.

Morrison would be in jail for something. Who knows what.

Pearl would be living on a farm, far, far away, getting a well deserved rest.

Elvis would be doing Vegas with Wayne and Englebert. I'd pay to see it.

Jimi would be touring.

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Jimi Hendrix would be a designer of some of the most amazing and widely used guitars and equipment, working with Tom Scholz of Boston. He'd be a die hard Republican, even appearing on The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News giving his celebrity opinion.

Janis Joplin would be an outspoken activist: an animal rights advocate for P.E.T.A. or a militant member of N.O.W. She'd be a Hillary Clinton fan and supporter, wearing Berkenstocks, hippie clothes, and headlining a Lilith Fair type of music festival.

Jim Morrison would be a literary professor, or an Indy film director...or for some reason, I think he'd be a black and white photographer, his work published in many photo books. He'd be a Ralph Nader supporter and would speak at many rallies against the establishment.

Elvis would have have cleaned up his act for his grandchildren after having a triple bypass. He'd have dropped the weight and stopped the booze and pills. He'd be on infomercials for George Foreman grill.

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I can picture a portly, majestic Elvis, resplendent in a rhinestone encrusted polyester jumpsuit. He is also wearing the vestment of his office, the blue vest of a Wal-Mart greeter. Incidentally, he has just been awarded "Employee of the Month" for the fifth month in a row.

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Jimi Hendrix -- Jimi would be making special guest appearances on sitcoms like "Still Standing", "According to Jim", and "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Janis Joplin -- Janis would be Madonna's "life partner".

Jim Morrison -- Jim would be "touring the world" with Ricky Williams, and smoking ganja with the Dahli Lama.

Elvis Presley -- Would be up to around 385.

Mama Cass Elliot -- Would be down to around 385.

Buddy Holly -- Record producer. Ritchie Valens would have been his cash cow through the 1960's; Donny Osmond in the 1970's; Prince in the 1980's; and Marky Mark in the 1990's. Retired as of 2001.

Harry Chapin -- Subsisting on residuals from TV commercials that use his folk hits from the early 70's, and major stockholder in the Chiquita Company.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :afro: :jester:

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