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  1. he he he i withdraw my statment about him being the greatest ... i listened to it and studied it quite abit today... and i figured it out start to finish im missing about 4 notes durring the 2 hand tapping part but its really almost not as hard as it sounds.. not to say its amature but meh definetly not as pro as some stuff.. still its an ace up my sleeve for only when i need it to show up but never to show off .. if you studie it its not as hard but he plays with so much expression you really cant go by how it looks only how it sounds.; my bad it his name was justin king i found his website and he has 30 second apatizers for his solo album but i think it just might be worth buying from what i heard . and as for the comment i had about sticking around i only joined this comunity for this forum particuarly but ill defenetly stick.. but iv had to much to drikn and i think i need to go to bed.. p-sout :guitar: www.justinking.com .. i think :: oh and PSSST... the i had to figure the tuning out by a upstroke i heard him do at the begining the tuning is D-A-D-G-a-d lol its a tuning commonly used in funk i found just thought i might give u guys a heads up if u where thinking of learning it peice
  2. no no that guys name isnt justin king thats the guy that posted the video... from the credits im guessing his name was jean larrivee :guitar:
  3. well iv heard alot of crazy stuff on guitar hendrix to malmsteen but nothing i have ever heard comes close to this guy http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/video/guitar.php if u can find anything more insane then this please post i wanna hear it :guitar:
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