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Paris goes POP!

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Paris? music career goes pop!

Paris Hilton has been booed off stage after launching her pop career.

The hotel heiress, famous for appearing in a porn video and for spending lots of money, decided to turn her well-manicured hand to pop, but was met with boos and turned backs.

Paris started her ?performance? by shouting ?I hate techno? to the assembled clubbers before launching into her first single called Screwed.

To add insult to injury the blonde beauty then warbled her way through classic covers by David Bowie and Blondie. The crowd showed their lack of appreciation by heckling her and turning their backs.

Do you think she?ll get the message? Let?s hope so...

Quick, everyone! Reserve your copy now!

:doh: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Either way, she wins. Now, people will flock to find a video to see her booed.

Kinda like Howard Stern, just as many listen to him that hate him as those who like him.

In Hilton's case, it appears only one spectrum will view her.

What a joke.

I agree with Muzik, either way, she will remain famous, loaded and powerful..She is a clever girl..on some levels ::

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