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Kids react to...old stuff!


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Submitted for your approval, a walk into "Candid Camera" land where primary school kids come face to face with Stuff From The Past!

You watched movies on this thing?

Where does the paper go?

What's "film"?

What is THAT!?

"Nyan Cat"!?

How about teens? Are old games still cool? (Er, "Sick"?;)

"Doom"? Never heard of it.

"Duck Hunt"? It looks Old.

"A box? Oh, Nintendo NES!'

I see these in, like, old libraries...

"Gangnam Style"!?

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Does thee know how to use yonder printing press?
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I'm on the alumni board at my old alma mater.  We have a museum on campus and host the kids for several days at the beginning of the year and other various nights of the week (parents' night, etc.).  Bar none, the old (1960s-era) typewriter is the thing they hone in on.  Every kid has to try the thing out and ultimately wind up getting the keys stuck, and then asking "how do you make it go back?" (enter the platen return!)

We are in the process of assembling an exhibit that'll have stuff like turntables, dial phones, film cameras, stuff they have no clue about.  It's really humbling to see how far technology has gone even since I was in school, much less the turn of the century.;)

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I have a typewriter or two... and an old Grundig turntable. I also have a Pioneer amplifier yet all my vinyls are in boxes and I can't listen to them. Maybe one day I will... I wish I had my old Polaroid :)  Wait, the PC I am using now is 17 years old... hard to work with it, it won't load most of the interesting stuff.

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