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Hopes And Fears. Still riding the charts over here after so many weeks. Could write a thesis on it. Released, I think, two singles from it, though I could be entirely wrong and it be three, but the two I'm aware of were Everybody's Changing, and the one I bought, Bedshaped. Still looking for the other one.

I do really like his voice, and the difference between Chaplin and everyone else, Healy included, is that he can pull it off live as well.

So I was initially intrigued because they sounded like a great band, especially for their first CD. (Heck, we gotta remember that amongst bands who shouldn't be judged for their first CD's material include The Beatles). I researched further.

Turns out, the lead singer formed the band in East Sussex, not five minutes away from where I was born. Super-groovy!

Apparently (and you can never believe everything you hear, read, or absorb) a new CD is in the pipeline.


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Already tried Belle And Sebastian :beatnik: The Strokes and Coldplay are second-rate indie bands. I saw a Keane music vid and I'm almost afraid that they'll be paraded so much on eMpTyV that they'll lose touch with their sound to please a bigger audience. The one song I heard was good, though. I'm really tempted to buy the album because of that one song :headphones:

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Absolutely brilliant! Flawless! I cannot begin to wrap my braincells over just how brilliant they are!

Their songs are instant hits, you can't help hitting repeat when the CD is done, heck I've looped it 4 or 5 times in a row!

Tom Chaplin's voice is flawless. I've never heard someone sing with such conviction, such melody and such ease in years! Beautiful and soulful, melody-laden choruses with words that mean something. Not your standard Britpop/Indiepop band! Not a chance! I dare you to call them that after hearing this album! Their sweet melodies and whispy lyrics will cradle your ears and make your heart beat in time.

"Keane reconfigures the high-romantic aesthetic introduced by Radiohead and mainstreamed by Coldplay as the launchpad for a serious hookfest"


1. Somewhere Only We Know *

2. This Is the Last Time *

3. Bend and Break

4. We Might as Well Be Strangers

5. Everybody's Changing *

6. Your Eyes Open

7. She Has No Time *

8. Can't Stop Now

9. Sunshine

10. Bedshaped *


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Heres a pretty cool review, in case anyone doesn't know what they kinda sound like:

Hailing from Sussex, guitar-less 3-piece Keane, have managed to burst into the public domain thanks to their melody thick slabs of indie brilliance 'Somewhere Only We Know' and 'Everybody's Changing'.

'Hopes And Fears', their debut album, threatens to believe all the hype and push the young trio into new-Coldplay territory. Pianos tinkle with hook-laden simplicity, songs soar to the heavens in a mix of melancholy tales and innocent desires, and singer Tom Chaplin produces a yearning falsetto that may one day bag him an A-list girlfriend.

Opening with the breakthrough single, Keane set out their stall from the off.

This is an album for the people jammed full of mini-anthems that will fill arenas and festivals throughout 2004 and beyond. Every track is doused in sublime genius that will find a home in record collections of the sixes to sixties. Like 'The Man Who...', 'White Ladder' and 'Rush Of Blood To The Head' this is a crossover record that defies categorisation and credibility yet will remain universally loved. The aching majesty of 'She Has No Time', the 70s soft rock of 'Can't Stop Now' and the sumptuous pop of 'Bend And Break' are all future hits in waiting that will make Keane undoubtable chart toppers who must surely have supped from some golden chalice of songwriting.

To call Keane the new Coldplay does them a disservice. Keane are their own band %u2013 brave, bold and beautiful. A band who have written a phenomenal debut that appears almost implausibly classic even after one listen. A remarkable first outing that could make them the biggest band in Britain...your move Mr Martin.

"As a collection of songs, this is hugely impressive. As a debut album, its confidence is right up there with Definitely Maybe" Q ****

"NME first tuned into the trio when their Morrissey-fronts-Pet-Shop-Boys debut single 'Everybody%u2019s Changing' landed on our desks. Their live sound is a luscious, multi-layered melodramatic stomp that tugs hard at the heartstrings." NME

"Keane make gorgeous, melodic, melancholic music that is stuffed with catchy, soaring choruses. Chaplin has a powerful, passionate voice and he has indie pin-up potential" - The Times

"Chaplin's voice truly is a wonderful thing. A soaring, coruscating shiver-inducer that falls somewhere between Chris Martin, Morten Harket and a fella with wings and a halo." Time Out

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I like them,I also have the album,I think i got it not too long after hearing "Everybody's Changing" but I don't think they deserved best album which the won,for me the besat album of last year HAS to be Snow Patrol's 3rd album "Final Straw" it is amazing! I'm in love with Gary Lightbody's voice. But yup..there a good band,Keane!

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Oo yeah...Franz RoCK! there definatly my 2nd fave album of last year,I love it!it's one of those albums like Snow Patrol's that ya just never get tired of hearing. I got the pleasure of seeing Franz,Idlewild,Travis AND Gary Lightbody play an acoustic version of "Run" at the Tsunami bennefit concert at the SECC!! twas AMAZING!

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