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Fantasy Baseball 2015


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Ditto, Sir Ray! I think we'll both benefit from the trade as I need more starting pitching and I hope Papelbon stays healthy for you. Of course, if Teheran goes down with an injury, you know I'll have to hunt you down like a dog! :D

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Papelbon was good to me the couple seasons I had him so I hope he stays healthy again, as my relief squad is shallow. I have tons of starters, so if needed a trade can bolster the depth.

It is a good trade depth-wise, for sure. I have starters a-plenty. :grin:

Teheran better be healthy...:couch:

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Yeah. It's just a weekly edit, not a daily. Don't know why, but you can only set next weeks line-up. "Monday" games are actually the line-up you'll have for the week.

I'm playing with 4 guys on the DL right now. I have no idea why it's set up like that.


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CanAm - I found this ..... From "Help". Are we a Weekly league? It appears all weekly leagues may be set up this way. Under "scoring and settings" on our league page it says: Weekly Deadline: Weekly on Monday - maybe you can change it from there?

Find out which settings your league uses -- click Scoring & Settings from your league's homepage.

Lineup changes (active and bench)

In all public leagues and custom leagues with default settings, you can move any player between bench and active positions until the scheduled start time of their game.

Once their game is scheduled to begin, their position will be locked and you won't be able to swap them with another player.

Keep in mind, scheduled start times can vary from the actual start time, so always try to have your lineup set as far in advance as possible.

Weekly leagues

If your custom league uses weekly roster changes (like "Weekly on Monday"), all lineup changes have to be made by the start of the first game of the designated day of the week for your league.

If there aren't any games scheduled on the designated day of the week for your league, the deadline is 11:59 PM PT on your deadline day to make lineup changes.

All lineup changes made after the deadline will take effect the following week.

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Hi Carole. Unfortunately, ours is indeed a weekly league. I screwed up. I assumed that the settings we had last year would carry over to this season. I'm still trying to see if I can change the settings, but I'm not optimistic. I went to the Commissioners site and found out I could edit everyone's rosters, but only for the following week. I'm still playing around with the settings and I'll let everyone know what I find out.

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Pretty sure you should be able to change it somewhere, CanAm. In my experience as commish, I don't recall finding anything that one couldn't change except league type ; points or head to head. Click around through the settings/menus again in case you've overlooked something.

This 'weekly' thing seems new to me, however. Don't recall ever having seen it as an option before, but it certainly seems like a pain for everyone who's used to the old format. Plus, a weekly setting seems even more maddening as one wouldn't know who may get hurt, slump, or you may want to dump and pick up someone, etc. Too much planning! Would work better for football. Good luck with it!

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