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J.J.Cale died at 74


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Musician J.J. Cale, whose songs "Cocaine" and "After Midnight" were made famous by Eric Clapton, died Friday after suffering a heart attack, the president of his management agency said. His contemporaries considered him a legend, even if many fans weren't familiar with his name. He was 74.


To honour J.J.Cale I will donate to a Dutch foundation that takes care of illegally imported animals. Extra, 'cause I already did....


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I recall many, many years ago looking through some albums in a record store (It was a Sam Goody store for you old timers). A bunch of stoner kids next to me picked up a Clapton Album with "Cocaine" on it and were drooling over "how cool it was that Clapton wrote this song about cocaine". This went on for like a minute before I turned to them and said "Clapton didn't write "Cocaine"...JJ Cale wrote it" and I turned back to my album bin. They seemed to be stunned and in disbelief. I hope I didn't ruin their lives.

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"Clapton didn't write "Cocaine"...JJ Cale wrote it"

Had to be done Ron. You did those kids a service.

If given the choice between being Eric Clapton (superstar) and JJ Cale (acclaimed musician, not famous), I wonder how many of us would choose the life of Cale. Perhaps Clapton would as well.

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