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Places for Songplaces!!

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A few more to whet your appetite...

Wolverton Mountain was a country crossover hit for Claude King in 1962.

"Wolverton Mountain" by Claude King and Merle Kilgore

"Oxford Town" is a song written by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan in 1962.

"Oxford Town" ~ Bob Dylan

And Gil Scott-Heron was one of forty-nine artists who collaborated on the song Sun City.

"Sun City" ~ Artists United Against Apartheid

"Carey" is a song from the 1971 Joni Mitchell album Blue.

"Carey" ~ Joni Mitchell


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Thank you, Shawna, I love reading them. Chuck Berry's Promised Land might be eligible for inclusion in Songplaces.com :)

"Promised Land" is a song written and first recorded by Chuck Berry in 1964 for his album St. Louis to Liverpool. Released in 1965, it was Berry's first single issued following his prison term for a Mann Act conviction.

Berry wrote the song while still in prison and borrowed an atlas from the prison library to plot the itinerary. The poor boy boarded a Greyhound bus that stopped in Charlotte, NC but "bypassed Rock Hill", which may have been a sly reference to Rock Hill, South Carolina where Civil Rights leader John Lewis and others were brutally beaten when their Freedom Rider bus stopped there in 1961. The bus rolls on through Atlanta but breaks down in Birmingham. The poor boy boards a train "across Mississippi clean" to New Orleans. He makes it to Houston, where friends stake him to a silk suit, luggage and plane ticket to Los Angeles. Once arrived, he phones home ("Tidewater four, ten-oh-nine") to let the folks back in Norfolk know he's made it to the "promised land".

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thanks, Dappled. :) I'll add it to the list!

The writer who wrote your suggestion "Oxford Town" is one of the more poetic writers we have on staff. Reading her stuff is like reading poetry without borders. I always look forward to receiving her finished articles, and they never disappoint. :)

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Donovan's Sunny South Kensington (a district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London).

Come take a walk in Sunny South Kensington

Any day of the week

See the girl with the silk chinese blouse on

You know she ain't no freak

Come loon soon down Cromwell Road, man

You got to spread your wings

A-flip out, skip out, trip-out, and a-make your stand, folks

To dig me as I sing

Jean-Paul Belmondo and-a Mary Quant got

Stoned to say the least

Ginsberg, he ended up-a dry and so

He a-took a trip out east

If I'm a-late waitin' down the gate, it's such a 'raz' scene

A groovy place to live

In the Portobello I met a fella with a cane umbrella

Who must've used a sieve

So come loon soon down Cromwell Road, man

You got to spread your wings

A-flip out, skip out, trip-out and a-make your stand, folks

To dig me as I sing

Hmm, hmm, hmm

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Chan Chan ~ Bueno Vista Social Club (Songfacts)

De Alto Cedro voy para Marcané

Llego a Cueto voy para Mayarí

("From Alto Cedro I go towards Marcané

I get to Cueto, head for Mayarí")

Alto Cedro, Marcané, Cueto and Mayarí are four towns near each other in Holguín Province, on the east side of Cuba.

The Guns of Brixton ~ The Clash (Songfacts)

Brixton is a district in South London

"Brixton was the site of race riots in 1981 and again in 1985. This song captures the alienation many citizens of Brixton felt leading up to the riots."


in Brixton is the Electric Avenue

which Eddy Grant made to a song

(which also refers to the 1981 riots)

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Rev On The Red Line ~ Foreigner

Runnin' all night on lake avenue

It's a piece of cake

If you know what to do

I contacted Lou Gramm on Facebook...he confirmed that he had many memories of drag racing with friends down Lake Avenue in Rochester NY....and mentions it in this song...I've been down Lake Ave a few times...it's a very long stretch of road, I can see why they would use it for drag racing...I'll try to find some more info on that area.

Lake Ave Info

Photo of Lake Ave

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Palisades Park — Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon

Freddy Cannon's biggest hit was written by Chuck Barris (The Gong Show host and apocryphally a CIA assassin).

The title came from the legendary Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey. The park closed after the 1971 season.

...and the closing of Palisades Park still saddens me to this day....(40 years later...yikes!!)

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here's a couple more to whet your appetites. :)

"Johannesburg" is a 1976 track by Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson that brought attention to the resistance of the apartheid regime in South Africa.

"Johannesburg" by Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson

Alabama - Neil Young

"Alabama" by Neil Young

Lou Gramm was from Rochester NY...in the song "Rev On The Red Line" he mentions running all night on Lake Ave...

"Rev On The Red Line" by Foreigner

stay tuned


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it's on the list now. :)

BTW, Laurie - got any photos of Lake Avenue? Looking down the street, maybe? I can find nothing that's halfway decent of the street itself.

Nope just the one they show on Lake Avenue here....can we copy this pic because of some rights reserved on it?...I'll try to do more searching for ya.

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It's been a while since the last update, and we have been very busy little bees.

Check out the new offerings...

Toadies' Possum Kingdom

"Possum Kingdom" ~ The Toadies

Smokey Joe's Cafe - The Robins

Smokey Joe's Cafe ~ The Robins

The song that became the 1961 instrumental hit Midnight In Moscow

Midnight In Moscow ~ Vladimir Troshin

Winchester Cathedral by The New Vaudeville Band

Winchester Cathedral ~ The New Vaudeville Band

to be continued...

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And finally, a special note on this one.

I'd never heard of Aberfan before this, and since I personally wrote this article, I learned. And I kept on learning. And it was heartbreaking, and it was sickening, and it was beyond belief, and I shed some tears over it. I did an email interview with Kyle Aughe, the song's writer and an historian, who gave me some information, as well. I watched videos, I listened to first-hand accounts, and I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. And then I re-wrote. I had my close friend and my dad review it for me - twice - and they gave me some invaluable help.

It's long, but I felt the story couldn't be told in any less than what this took.


Aberfan ~ Dulahans

Thanks for suggesting this one, Dappled. This one is near and dear to me.

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Attention all peeps: We have a dearth of Songplaces from current artists, like hip-hop, rap, dub-step, or even any rock and roll bands that are currently the rage.

Your suggestions are welcome! Leave them here or on the Songplaces site, click the "Suggestions" box on the right side. :)


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Not very nowadays music, really... but maybe "303" by Kula Shaker?

Or "10th Avenue Freeze-Out" (Springsteen)

An ice cream stand at 10th Avenue on the boardwalk of Belmar, New Jersey (the town from which the E Street Band took its name), is named 10th Avenue Freeze Out.

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