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What's with the rating?

Lu Yerna

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You are started out as a "tadpole" with the hope that you will become addicted to the site and rise up the Songfacts evolutionary scale. It seems like yesterday that I was a tadpole, but look at me now! I am a lobster!! I aspire to become a manatee.

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I'm a tadpole and that gives me a feeling of inferiority.

Cheer up.

At least you get to swim around and have fun. Look at me, a have to sit here my whole life attached to a hunk of coral waiting for food to swim by so I can sting it to death. But, I look mauvelous, simply mauvelous.


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When people 'like' you they rate you, 5 is the highest, one is the lowest, I dont like it, its like labeling (sp?) some people as the 'nice' people ::

Really? I have some stars. I was wondering where they came from. Now it's gonna drive me nuts wondering who put them there.

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