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  1. The NEW Nirvana Box Set which is called With The Lights Out is scheduled for release November 23,2004 in the US and Canada. and November 22, internationally. The box set will include 3 CD's of music, and 1 DVD. The 3 CD's will have a lot of unreleased material, and rare songs. The DVD is supposed to have one of their old shows from 1987 or 1988. I read on another forum that the box sets official site is http://www.nirvanabox.com
  2. Former Meat Puppets bassist Cris Kirkwood won't back down when it comes to a good parking space. Unfortunately for Kirkwood, he will be paying the price big time--by spending nearly two years in an Arizona prison cell for the coveted space. The lesser known Kirkwood (Cris' brother, Curt, was the singer-guitarist for the band) was sentenced to 21 months in the slammer Monday for clocking security guard Thomas Goodrum with a baton the day after Christmas 2003. Cris Kirkwood, 43, was arrested Dec. 30, 2003 for the downtown Phoenix post-office parking lot incident. He pleaded guilty to charges of assault with a dangerous weapon May 10. What happened that December day last year seems anything but Christmas-like. According to various published reports, Kirkwood argued over a disputed parking spot with a female motorist, Jenny Hom. Both Kirkwood and Hom then pulled into a parking lot around 5 p.m., where he continued to shout obscenities at her. "He shrugged his shoulder as if he was going to hit me," Hom told the Arizona Republic. As Kirkwood followed Hom into the post office, she informed Goodrum that she was being harassed. Goodrum then attempted to escort Kirkwood out of the building. Kirkwood then allegedly pushed Goodrum, who raised his baton in response and instructed him to leave the premises. But the rocker turned the weapon against Goodrum, striking him in the head. The guard retaliated, drawing his gun and firing one shot at Kirkwood. Kirkwood was treated for a single gunshot wound in his abdomen before his eventual arrest. Sandy Raynor, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney for Arizona, said Monday that Kirkwood's 21-month sentence was actually on the mild side. "The government requested the low end of the range," she told the East Valley Tribune newspaper of Mesa, Arizona. Kirkwood's injury suffered during the incident made him eligible for lighter sentencing under federal guidelines, she said. It could have been much worse for the bassist. Kirkwood might have faced as much as 27 months had a judge not taken his injuries into account. Also, had he not pleaded guilty, Kirkwood could have faced 10 years behind bars if convicted. Kirkwood certainly is no stranger to the darker side of life. The troubled rocker, like the departed Kurt Cobain, has battled heroin and cocaine addiction for much of his adult life (Kirkwood's wife, Michelle Tardif, died of a heroin overdose at the couple's home in 1998, according to the Phoenix New Times). Kirkwood was arrested as recently as April 2003 on drug-related charges in Tempe, Arizona. Kirkwood's band was an influential alternative act in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Although the Meat Puppets are no longer on the radar for most hipsters, Cobain championed the group heavily in the early 1990s as one of Nirvana's primary influences. Cobain helped the Puppets immeasurably by covering three of their songs for Nirvana's 1994 release MTV Unplugged. The Meat Puppets scored their biggest mainstream hit with "Backwater" from their 1994 album Too High to Die, which eventually went gold.
  3. Nirvana didnt rip off jumi hendrix, there were four original members in the band. The drummer was rotating around with different people after Chad Channing left. Nirvana still has some good stuff that hasnt been released, so if your assuming that Nirvana SUCKS just because they went mainstream, you dont know much about them. Most of their songs were original, Kurt wrote them himself. I dont know why you say that they are a rip off of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, because they are not. Nirvana is more than just the songs Smells Like Teens Spirit, so look into it before you decide that the band sucks.
  4. This is a really cool band. A couple of my friends are in it. they have like 5 or 6 songs but only one recorded on the site. Go check it out! http://www.purevolume.com/societyslastchance
  5. yeah i saw it about two weeks ago, i thought it was a great movie. I dont want to get into too much detal because i might ruin it for some people, but yeah the movie has you thinking one thing, then changes it around.
  6. hey cosmosis and anyone else who needs somewhere to upload their covers, go to http://www.onlinerock.com create an account and upload your music. Post a link to the song. Then all we need to do is Right Click, and Save As..
  7. Well most of MODERN ROCK MUSIC sucks. They are all cheap bands. I dont really agree with you, about having nirvana on a classic rock station. But, the songs they play on the radio are all from the Greatest Hits. I would like it better if they played the unreleased songs, or songs that were not as well known but still good. So to answer your question about why nivana gets so much airtime over new rock bands, is because most of them suck. Nirvana is old but by far much better than most of todays bands. Also im wondering why you spelt Nirvana, Nervana. NOTE: Im not saying "hey stupidface, nirvana is the greatest band ever! you suck!" Nirvana is my favorite band, but i would also like to hear some other bands as well.
  8. some rock has even integrated with rap! im a gangster now, to fit in. My clothes doesnt go with the "gangster" label but lets just say i am.
  9. yeah, good luck with finding band members scott. Sadly even if i ever learn how to play guitar. I dont think i would be able to form a band with people at my school. I dont really know anyone there. kind of sad. people are into rap here. WEST COAST RAP. lol and then those that like rock are gothic. Slipknot fans, i dont like that.
  10. cool. im going to try going to one tomorrow. Ill tell you if i find anything.
  11. lol man that would be funny, send a letter to AT&T about it.
  12. no the US version does not include the song Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Stip. Someone i know sent me the song because they had it on one of their Outcesticide CD's and when i tryed opening it a webpage from microsoft says that im doing something illegal against US COPYRIGHT LAWS! so i never got it in the end. Ill just buy the CD
  13. $1,699.99 well, ill check out some pawn shops. My brother is 18 now maybe ill get him to "hock" some stuff for me. If i find one.
  14. I never want to become that, at least as a gold fish im mobile
  15. cool, well if anyone has any covers that are saved onto their computer and loaded online somewhere. Provide a link for download
  16. I really do hope this helped you in any way, Lu Yerna. We have to start out as little things. then we grow into bigger things. You will be a gold fish too in no time.
  17. ah man its happening already, im a goldfish. ON SALE: 1 for 99cents
  18. Really?! well i think ill stick with my tadpole status for now. Have fun as a soap bar Marc
  19. AMAZING! congradulations... im a tadpole, maybe one day. Ill have the honor of being a lobster. What happens when your the biggest marine animal alive?
  20. It wont finish downloading. It doesnt even start downloading!
  21. I want to buy one of these, i dont have that much money. Not even the amount for this guitar but this is one that im thinking of buying http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/sid=040809171214068101135170458276/g=guitar/search/detail/base_pid/519196/ its costs 100 dollars.
  22. Sorry I posted this in the Music Discussion, but i was thinking that there should be a cover section. For people to be able to post covers of songs that they can play and sing. I dont know if this has been done or suggested before so i decided to post this here. Heres a link to the other subject to use if its okay, to post covers
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