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The Songfactors' Choice: Best Music Videos

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Money For Nothing by Dire Straits was possibly the first video I ever watched on MTV.

The illustration of the video to match the lyrics was perfect. It was the second computer-generated music video shown on MTV.

The somewhat comical moving men seemed almost life like. Even by today's standards I think this video could be considered as ranking among one of the best.

Fell free to change anything you feel needs changing :D

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The video for Michael Jackson's song Thriller is consistently on the top of any "Best Video" list for a reason...it really is the best! Say what you want about Mr. Jackson now, but at the time of the video's release, he could do no wrong. At 14 minutes, it is one of the longest video to be produced. At a cost of almost half a million dollars, it was the most expensive video ever made up to that point. It incorporated acting scenes along with the song. The special effects at that time were unparallelled. There are so many iconic features of the video, from Jackson's red and black jacket to the zombified dance moves of the creatures to the ghoulish inclusion of Vincent Price's rap and laugh.

In short, Thriller absolutely belongs on the top of this list. It is easily the most groundbreaking and identifiable video of all time.

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"You Might Think" by the Cars was the first music video to use computerized graphics and it revolutionized visual effects, and was ahead of its time. "You Might Think" won the first ever MTV Video Music Award for Best Video of the Year in 1984, beating out Michael Jackson's "Thriller" & many others.

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thanks MC!! I took your stuff and fluffed it up a bit... hope you don't mind.

If you like what I wrote, I would like to request we both get credited on this one, since you were the original nominator and writer of it! :)


At the first ever MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna writhed around on the stage floor in a wedding dress looking for all the world like a labradoodle in heat. Unfortunately, that is what people tend to remember best about that inaugural awards show.

What people should have taken away from it (and the more highly evolved of us did) was the ridiculous intellect behind the production of the Best Video of the Year winner, The Cars’ “You Might Think.â€

The Adam of its species, this video revolutionized visual effects and paved the way for computer graphics in music videos. Most notably, however, may be the fact that it trounced Michael Jackson’s (otherwise) equally revolutionary video for “Thriller.†That alone advocates the creativity with which the video de-flowered virgin territory.

Fans of Cars music were once dubbed the “thinking person’s music.†While that may be true, the video for “You Might Think,†along with its bouncy tune and (albeit weirdly acceptable-at-the-time) thematic stalkerish sensibility, toed the line of oh so many taboos. While the storyline of shape-changing-cartoon-Ocasek-pursuing-gorgeous-model is a riot, for those students of psychology who care to think about it, the insanity inherent within should be disturbing.

Yet, somehow it’s not. It’s just fun.

The effects may be considered archaic by today’s LOTR standards, but “You Might Think†was the stand alone masterpiece of the early ages. There’s no getting past that.

And if you aren’t familiar with it yet, get there. It can't be said any more clearly than that.

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