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The Songfactors' Choice: Best Music Videos

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*ALL MEMBERS OF SONGFACTS ARE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE * Join us, and share your knowledge and your love of the thing that keeps SONGFACTS the community we all know and love, MUSIC ! The basic guidelines are simple.... :)

* The Songfactors' Music of Choice is decided by your nominations and votes. For each edition we'll ask that you nominate 1 OR 2 selections that meet the guidelines for that edition.

* With each nomination, we ask that you give us a review, a few thoughts or just a description of how your selection makes you feel. No one is being graded on their writing here. What we want is for you to share your knowledge and feelings about the music you love.

* Each edition will run about 3 weeks or so. At the end of that time, we'll ask you to vote, and you know how that works! These lists will number 5 or 10 (we'll let you know), so we'll ask that you compile your list of choices for the final Songfactor's Music of Choice. We will tally them, just like The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten, 1 through 10 (5). At the close of voting, we will have our Songfactors' Music of Choice.

* Be as creative with this as you'd like. We want to encourage an exchange of thoughts, so this will be a place to learn about and enjoy the nominations, as well as the final choices. The guidelines will change with each edition.

So, let's start the


****: This time we're looking for the most creative, funniest, sadest, most impressive, or in one word BEST Music Video there is.

Be as creative with this description as you like, but note that we're not simply looking for videos of the "best songs". ;)



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Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits


This beautiful song has a very fitting video and a concept you don't see a lot.


It features sketchings of an ocean, a pendulum, soldiers, an island and the band playing as well as real footage of landscape and the band. This keeps the colors in black, white and gray with the exception of the end that is a colored sunset.

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O dear, I don't know where to begin :P I have in mind - Coffee and TV, Rabbit in your Headlights, everything the White Stripes ever did, everything the Chemical Brothers ever did, and that's just off the top of my head :P

And chili peppers

I'll wait a week or 2 for my next nomination, maybe some people nominate videos I would nominate :)

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I'm not familiar with that music videa MC, and I can't find it on youtube. Can you help me out? ;)

Edit: is it me or has finding music videos become worse on youtube?

^^ Off course Farin, but I don't think I could get Radhi nominate Radiohead so I remained silent :P

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Money for Nothing is an absolute must for this special. It was the first video I thought of and possibly the first video I ever watched on MTV.

I was probably 22 or 23 and thought it was way cool. It got me hooked on watching MTV. I'd come home from work in the wee hours and turn on the music. Awww those were the good ol' days :D

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"Don´t Answer Me" - Alan Parsons Project

From wiki:

The Phil Spector influenced million selling smash- "Don't Answer Me" is generally regarded as Ammonia Avenue's best song... A music video for "Don't Answer Me" was produced in 1985, with art and animation by MW Kaluta.

I don´t even remember if this song made the Top, I´ve nominated it many times... :cool:

"Help!" - The Beatles Directed by Richard Lester in 1965.


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