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I thought, with internets and stuff, you can listen to almost every radio station in the world. So, maybe we can share and recommend the best shows? :)

For example:

"De Tijdeloze" (means; The Timeless) on Studio Brussels

when? 31st of december (tomorrow) from 11 a.m to 8 p.m. here (that's 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. GMT)

What? top 100 timeless music selected by the listeners, mainstream (and Belgian) classics from the last decades.

stream here

And here is a list of the top 100 last year.

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'specially the Saturday 1pm slot. :D


is probably the biggest and most well known of any Midwestern station. What makes the station interesting is that it began as an underground station in '67, and has continued with no real change in programming since then. This station has been insturmental in not only playing songs by unknown artists but in the actual promotion of the bands themselves. Alice Cooper is just one artist that almost completely credits KSHE with the initial success of his career, there are many others. Check out the Real Rock Museum, lots of pics and schtuff from lots of artists' early days, going all the way back to '67.

Streaming live is a little way down on the left. It's not a classic rock station, although they have a great (unknown) classic rock show on Sunday mornings.

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This topic always makes me think of one of my fave lyrics, Son Volt's Windfall:

Switching it over to AM

Searching for a truer sound


Catching an all-night station somewhere in Louisiana

It sounds like 1963, but for now it sounds like heaven


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The Album Top 100 of all time.

According to listeners of the best radio in Belgium, Studio Brussels

1. pearl jam - ten

2. radiohead - ok computer

3. nirvana - nevermind

4. pink floyd - dark side of the moon

5. metallica - the black album

6. beatles - sgt pepper's lonely heart club band

7. radiohead - the bends

8. u2 - achtung baby

9. queens of the stone age - songs for the deaf

10. metallica - master of puppets

11. jeff buckley - grace

12. rage against the machine - rage against the machine

13. arctic monkeys - whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not

14. muse - origin of symmetry

15. pixies - surfer rosa & come on pelgrim

16. eels - beautiful freak

17. deus - worst case scenario

18. red hot chilli peppers - californication

19. nirvana - unplugged in new york

20. tool - aenima

21. pixies - doolitlle

22. deus - in a bar, under the sea

23. coldplay - a rush of blood to the head

24. doors - the doors

25. bloc party - silent alarm

26. cure - disintegration

27. pink floyd - wish you were here

28. smashing pumpkins - mellon collie & the infinite sadness

29. deus - ideal crash

30. daft punk - homework

31. neil young - harvest

32. fleetwood mac - rumours

33. kings of leon - only by the night

34. muse - black holes & revelations

35. oasis - what's the story morning glory

36. pink floyd - the wall

37. beatles - the white album

38. tool - lateralus

39. guns & roses - appetite for destruction

40. massive attack - mezzanine

41. david bowie - the rise & fall of ziggy stardust & the spiders of mars

42. u2 - the joshua tree

43. rem - automatic for the people

44. radiohead - kid a

45. sex pistols - never mind the bollocks

46. velvet underground & nico - velvet underground & nico

47. smashing pumpkins - siamese dream

48. joy division - unknown pleasures

49. green day - american idiot

50. smiths - the queen is dead

51. muse - absolution

52. therapy? - troublegum

53. michael jackson - thriller

54. radiohead - in rainbows

55. tom waits - closing time

56. moby - play

57. metallica - and justice for all

58. jimi hendrix - electric ladyland

59. rhcp - blood sugar sex magik

60. led zeppelin - led zeppelin iv

61. prince - sign o' the times

62. editors - an end has a start

63. sisters of mercy - first & last & always

64. ac dc - back in black

65. arcade fire - funeral

66. beatles - abbey road

67. live - throwing copper

68. prince purple - rain

69. depeche mode - violator

70. bruce springsteen - born to run

71. rolling stones - sticky fingers

72. foo fighters - the colour & the shape

73. cure - pornography

74. afghan whigs - gentlemen

75. air - moon safari

76. beatles - revolver

77. doors - LA woman

78. bob dylan - blood on the tracks

79. coldplay - x&y

80. dire straits - brothers in arms

81. admiral freebee - admiral freebee

82. iron maiden - the number of the beast

83. lou reed - berlin

84. leftfield - leftism

85. neil young - after the goldrush

86. coldplay - parachutes

87. deus - pocket revolution

88. queen - a night at the opera

89. sigur ros - agaetis byrjun

90. mgmt - oracular spectacular

91. oasis - definitely maybe

92. simple minds - new gold dream

93. arctic monkeys - favourite worst nightmare

94. metallica - ride the lightning

95. offspring - smash

96. sigur ros - takk

97. rolling stones - exile on main street

98. arsenal - outsides

99. joy division - closer

100. foo fighters - in your honor

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There seems to be a LOT wrong with that list :stars: Kings of Leon's Only By The Night? Morning Glory higher than Definitely Maybe? 3 Coldplay albums?! With Parachutes at the bottom? Iron Maiden?!?! :crazy:

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well it's chosen by a comtemporary public, you can't expect there being nothing wrong, I'm quite happy because finally Nirvana isn't one #1 anymore :P

Farin asked me to post the list, I just listen to the radio for the large amount of great music while broadcasting that list.

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Farin asked me to post the list

and thanks for that :thumbsup:

obviously I would have made (quite) some things differently, but it's interesting to see nonetheless :)

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