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Greatest pianist/keyboardist


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John Lennon(edit- He might of wrote really simple piano parts, but his are definately some of the most memorable and beautiful of all time (for example, Imagine and Love) also without his keyboards "Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da" would have been complete crap :jester: /edit)

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How could I forget him!? I have only heard the album Trilogy, but man, it's great. I love the beggining of the first song, I forget the name, but where he plays the piano really fast with some african sounding drums. It sounds like some chase scene through the amazon jungle with some natives and tourists.

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alrighty...i have been playing rock keys for thirty years, and while there are lotsa great ones out there. but ya gotta distinguish between great keyboards (ie Steve Winwood plays an amazing Hammond B3, but is just ok on the piano). So here is a list of pianists...in no particular order. some of em u might not heard of, but rest assured, they are amazing sessions folks:

chuck leavell (plays for stones, Train, etc). incredible range

bruce hornsby (amazing chops, can play any style)

Elton John (yep, behind the flash, the boy treats the instrument for what it is,percussion)

Keith Emerson - I would give an appendage to play like him

Richard Tee

Dr. John - New Awwlins, but can play rock

Professor Longhair - The father of rock piano

Roy Bittan - Springsteen's pianist. Classically trained, and incredible blend of that and old school influences

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