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Greatest pianist/keyboardist

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Dr. John - New Awwlins, but can play rock

"This is called radiatin' the eighty-eights..." ~ from a Dr John song intro.

Professor Longhair - The father of rock piano

Dr. John is a disciple of Professor Longhair and other New Orleans players. With musicians like Huey "Piano" Smith and "Fats" Domino, there seems to be a lot of musical interchange and mutual admiration going on down there.

Also deserving of recognition is Nicky Hopkins(<). Most people probably have admired some of his work, whether they know his name or not.

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there was no greater sound in rock than the Hammond Organ

Here are some of the Great players:

Steve Winwood

Garth Hudson

Billy Preston

Bobby Whitlock

Gregg Allman

Jon Lord

Tony Kaye

Jimmy Smith

Chuck Leveall

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In descending order:

Rick Wakeman - the man is brilliant

Elton John

Burton Cummings

Billy Joel

Jon Lord

Rick Davies

I have only listed players of pop/rock music. I'm sure there are many brilliant pianists/keyboarists in other musical genres.

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I haven't researched hugely


i think in terms of rock music.





stand out quite alot.

note this is for rock songs, involving keyboard/or piano/organ in Hopkins or Lord and a few of the other pieces.

my 2c :)

btw, is it just me, but are most of those songs they play not greatly challenging - its mostly timing and sliding up the keyboard... i.e. the 'good' Bach/Beethoven or Joplin/Lanz stuff is much harder

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Maybe it's because I'm listening to The Doors right now, but the first thing that popped in my head was Ray Manzerak. Didn't he play some ridiculous set up of two organs in a corner for certain songs?

OK, Emerson, Wakeman, Manzerak. I think the Light My Fire keyboard riff is enought to qualify.

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