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What are You Watching Now ?!

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I always DVR it and then fast forward through the crap parts. I think I "watched" that one in record time. Ugh.

I've been watching SNL for as long as I can remember so I don't want to stop watching it, but it's difficult to stay loyal when they go through the inevitable slumps. I know they'll bounce back but right now I'm not thrilled.

Did you happen to catch the "Biker Chick Chat" skit where that new girl said the F*bomb out loud? I think it only aired on the east coast, as the other time zones had it edited out.

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Like certain books, some films leave such an impression that (it) could take days before I'm ready to move on with next film. In my case, its been a while for a film until I watched "The Wrestler" the other day. I'm still thinking of the film.

If I were to say anything about the film, it would probably be a spoiler no matter the description. However, I will say that its predictable if you've seen/read the type and the storyline/plot is unoriginal but (film) presentation is spot on. To compare, "The Wrestler" leaves more of a sense of realism.

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Why don't you do something creative , and go and see the final results of fantasy Sports and reflect on how you likely should never put down a sports bet again ... as you suck so badly at it, and couldn't predict tomorrow's sunrise-even given the benefit of of a weather forecast or a cosmic lowdown- if you're life depended on it ! :laughing: :laughing:

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