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Architecture In Helsinki

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If you're not the experimental open-minded type... you might be wasting your time here.

I only came to know of this band via the folks I'm living with here who have a CD by them. Architecture in Helsinki is a Melbourne band that hails from MY suburb (woo!) and their sound can only be described as experimental (Wiki prefers to call it avant-garde, and that's perfectly fine too). Reason being that they're... not... exactly... conventional. They make use of instruments like the xylophone, glockenspiel, clarinet... perhaps a guitar or drums if they feel like it... and hand claps.

I'm still in the learning stages meself, but give 'em a listen. They've toured with Death Cab For Cutie and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs among others.

AND they have a really cool homepage

And of course a MySpace and Last.fm page:



Tracks To Try:

Heart It Races

One Heavy February (one-minute song with very, very nice (unofficial) videeo)

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