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  1. Yea I don't know how to do the dot thingys either, but I've heard one of bjork's songs... I don't remember what it was called, but it's the one where, in the video, the tears or whatever would like come out of her eyes, in her mouth, out her nose. lol I don't even remember what it sounded like. That was a while ago.
  2. Hey everyone! My name's Alayna and I'm 21, 22 on July 15th. I live in New Jersey, and work 5 days a week at a daycare. I love all the kids to death. Um, more crap about me... I like to draw and paint, artisticy (Is that spelled right? Is that even a word?) stuff, ya know? My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Linkin Park, The Used, Ludo, and a bunch more. Basically, all the songs that they play on Fuse, I like. Except rap. I don't really know why I don't like it. I used to. I guess it just gets annoying after a while. ANYWAY, I guess that's it about me.
  3. Thanks everyone for welcoming me here! You all are so nice. I thought you guys'd be like "Oh my God, you know NOTHING about music. Now be gone!" Ha ha I was so wrong. :happybanana: and OMG that little banana guy was in Weezer's 'Pork and Beans' video!
  4. By Flogging Molly or in general. I like finding music I wouldn't otherwise hear.
  5. I know what you mean. Got anymore cool songs like that?
  6. The fourth kinda sucked here. It was rainy and gloomy and I cracked my shin on a concrete birdbath while playing volleyball. The fireworks, however, were great. They weren't set off too well, and the excitement of not knowing if some were going to shoot straight at you was pretty awesome. Happy (late) Independance Day!
  7. I just downloaded Devil's Dance Floor, and I actually like it. It's different than the music I listen to, obviously, but it's still good. Thanks a billion, Farin!
  8. I've only heard 'Do The Whirlwind' by Architecture In Helsinki, but I really like it.
  9. Umm... I've never heard any songs by Flogging Molly and I've only heard one by Dropkick Murphys. My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Linkin Park, Aiden, Brand New, Ludo, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 3 Days Grace, Armor for Sleep, Thursday, etc. Many of those bands have songs where they scream; it's not scary, it's just another way for them to express themselves in their music.
  10. I've tried looking on this site, and they don't have any songfacts at all for Armor for Sleep. Does anyone know any facts about any of their songs? I'd especially like to know about 'Hold the Door', 'Williamsburg', and 'The Truth About Heaven'. Thanks! --->Alayna
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