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The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten #117

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Yes, a very decisive #1 Tim. And a good Top Ten - something for (almost) everyone - even a song from the 'dreaded' 80s. :)

No 50s songs (none nominated). I haven't been back through the Archives, but the only 50s #1 I can remember was Johnny B.Goode.

I'm dropping in to the Retirement Home to get some new recruits later.


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The highest placed 50s song I've nominated was Peggy Lee's Fever, #2. And that was a long time ago.

And maybe I have a chance of getting in some of my favorite 80s Pop songs with a few different people here since I nominated them last ? Jessie's Girl ! Love that song. Great arrangement, great guitar & vocals.

Where would I find a woman like that......

Kevin's a Pop fan (I'm not sure if he likes that one). I hope we see him and other 'missing' faces next week. b-f, CanAm - I know Shawna and bluesboy were busy. And our thoughts and prayers go out to Lucky.

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