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This Darkness Is My Solice

Red Fish

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They don't understand what lies in the darkness

They don't understand what they see inside it because what lies inside it is me

The blood that seeps from these wounds falls like flower petals

Onto my cold and damp body

Cold it has always been and always shall be until they cease to fear me

The one who knows, the one who understands, alone.

Always alone, deep in thought

I watch them from these dark shadows across this void in my soul

Mindlessly they do as they're told and I am always alone.

The shadows I throw reach further than their light

They have great sight

And their hearts are stabbed and broken with a thousand swords

Swords that I plunged forwards

But they still refuse to understand and deny and deny

That they'll never understand

This darkness is my solice.

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I just think it's particularly unfortunate, when the glaring spelling error is in the title of the piece itself.

It wouldn't matter so much if it were hidden away towards the end of the text: many readers might not even notice it there, if, for example, their interest had dwindled long before reaching the poem's end.

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Maybe both of you should check your nearest dictionary...fast!

Shoot, lemme make it easy for y'all...

Read More Dummies!!!

It's there at the top of the page, yes, but the definition seems to be for "stand", not soltice... as are the examples given.

Also, neither the Cambridge dictionary nor Merriam-Webster recognise it.

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This is the result I got from Mirriam-Webster online.

The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.

Suggestions for soltice:

1. zlotys 2. solutes

3. zeolites 4. slits

5. slots 6. slights

7. ciliates 8. silts

9. sluts 10. solstice

11. solti 12. sorties

13. solids 14. sullies

15. soul kiss 16. slutty

17. sluttish 18. sluttiest

19. sluttier 20. sunlights

21. zloty

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How about solace?


2 entries found.

solace[1,transitive verb]solace[2,noun]

Main Entry: 1so·lace

Pronunciation: \ˈsä-lÉ™s also ˈsÅ-\

Function: transitive verb

Inflected Form(s): so·laced; so·lac·ing

Date: 13th century

1: to give solace to : console

2 a: to make cheerful b: amuse

3: allay, soothe

— so·lace·ment \-mənt\ noun

— so·lac·er noun

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"If you would like to give feedback or comment on a submission, please restrict your post to constructive criticism and/or praise. (In other words, be nice. This is intended to be a safe outlet.)" from the forum guidelines

Either focus on the poem or don't comment at all. Who cares if a word is spelled wrong in the grand scheme of things? If it was anybody but Namahage, I have the feeling it wouldn't matter anyway.

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You don't think that correcting a misspelt word in the poem's title is constructive?

Rest assured I would offer the same service to any budding wordsmith. ;)

Regarding your latter point: you may or may not be right. However, Namahage could have simply said "Whoops! So it is! :blush: " and nothing more needed to be said on the matter. Instead: THIS.

So; this whole thread is mildly irritating. Hey ho! He who lives by the sword, and all that....

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