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songs about summer or graduation


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hey guys, let's get a list of the above songs going. here's what I have so far:

Boys of summer - The Ataris/Don Henley

The Summer Sends its Love to You - Sherwood

Summertime - Kenny Chesney

Summertime - Mae

Graduate - Third Eye Blind

Where's Summer Been - Ben Folds Five

Summerland - everclear

Summer Song - Joe Satriani

I'm sure I have more, just haven't found them. Any genre goes.

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Hot Fun in the Summer Time-Sly & The Family Stone

Cruel Summer-Bananarama

Summer Breeze-Seals and Crofts

Summertime-Janis Joplin

Summertime-D J Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Summer Time Blues-Eddie Cochran

summer in the City-The Lovin' Spoonful

Summer Love-Justin Timberlake

Summer of '69-Bryan Adams

Summer Rain-Johnny Rivers

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Graduation's Here - The Fleetwoods

Graduation Day

Beach Boys

(Studio Version)

Time: 2:21 Erasmus Music BMI

Master #52706A Recorded 5/5/65

J Sherman/N. Sherman

There's a time a for joy

A time for tears

A time we'll treasure through the years

We'll remember always

Graduation day

At the senior prom

We danced 'til three

And there you gave your heart to me

We'll remember always

Graduation day

Though we leave in sorrow

All the joys we've known

We can face tomorrow

Knowing we'll never walk alone

When the ivy walls

Are far behind

No matter where our paths may wind

We'll remember always

Graduation day

We'll remember always

Graduation day

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Speaking of graduation, do any of you "more experienced" folks recall a song from the 60s, I believe" that included the lyrics, graduation girl, i'm in love with you? I've been looking for this off and on ever since Gore invented the internet. Now I'm beginning to wonder if it's my imagination. That one line went this way: Grad Uuu aaation girl, I'm in love with you. Seems like part of the melody was similar to the common graduation song. A band with harmony like the Beach Boys, the Letterman, etc.



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