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Just saw a brief item on this machine on CNN . Looking forward to seeing one of these machines in the near future ! Made in Milan ,Italy , the machine makes pies that look really good; they are baked rather than microwaved. You have 3 topping choices and crust crispness selection as well. Check it out .

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The gunpowder was in Siliguri... You don't find many labourers wearing protective equipment in India... too many people, too little money. "Occupational health and safety" is a completely foreign concept - literally. We don't have that and I hadn't heard of it till I came to Oz.

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I think they're rubbish - they're put up by people trying to be radical and daring and left-of-centre. If we were all left of centre the left would be the centre, wouldn't it? What do they want people to do? Not make money? Not go to work? Stand up to The Man? These anti-consumerism non-conformists are capitalism's prime target, so it's best if they just get off their high horse and let people do what they want.

... I must review the book I'm reading, it's fantastic - opened my eyes to the hypocrisy that is counterculture and rebellion.

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all that's sacred comes from youth

dedication, naive and true

with no power, nothing to do

I still remember - why don't you?


...of course then there's this issue of counter culture being very 'cool'

I noticed that these che guevara 'working class' hats are all the craze right now...

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