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What's the last thing you bought?


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Dinner last night.

Eight of us dined at Fogo De Chao...a Brazilian eatery. It's a chain with 5 restaurants in Brazil and 13 in US cities.

Fogo De Chao

What a unique dining experience. Great food and great wines.

They have a fixed price menu. You can have the full treatment which includes a fantastic salad bar and dinner for $50.00 per person. Or, you can opt for just the salad bar for $20.00.

Make no mistake. This is a meat house. You'll find no seafood or veggie dishes here.

The waiters tour the restaurant carrying spits of meats fresh from the grill or oven. If you're a meat and potato type of person this is definitely the place for you. On each table are several plates of mashed potatoes, fried plantains and/or bananas, fried polenta and other side treats.

Each diner is given a disc with a red side and a green side. If you want a waiter to approach you with whatever meat he is serving you leave the disc with the green side up. The waiter will come to you and tell you what he's serving and you tell him if you want it and how you like it (rare, medium rare, etc.). If you want to pause for a bit or if you've had enough you just turn the disc red side up.

They serve several different cuts of steak, lamb and also chicken legs. The steaks are seasoned in varying ways. They always tell you exactly what they're offering. They slice the meat from the spits and you grab it with tongs and place it on your plate. You take as much as you want.

They say to eat lightly all day if you're going to Fogo in the evening. I'm glad I followed that advice. I was able to scarf down a fantastic salad and several cuts of meat including 3 or 4 different cuts of filet mignon, rib eye, sirloin (top and bottom), garlic sirloin (not for the timid), delicious chicken legs and more. I don't eat lamb but my wife and friends said it was very good. There were several different cuts of lamb including chops.

The wine list is top notch. I tried my first ever glass (small) of ice wine after dinner. What a treat.

The desserts are also excellent.

My share of the tab for my wife and me came to $140.00 including gratuity. A bargain in my opinion. This was my first visit to Fogo and I will definitely return. The salad bar would be a great idea for lunch.

I highly recommend Fogo De Chao. I give it 5/5 Stars.

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I tried my first ever glass (small) of ice wine after dinner. What a treat.

I once got a bottle of ice wine as a present (0.3l, I don't think they get any bigger for a reasonable prize)

one of the best beverages I ever tasted :bow: :bow:

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Woohoo Joe - looks like they opened one in Scottsdale just yesterday :) I'll have to take Andy... he's very much a carnivore.

Plus, he introduced me to ice wine last Saturday. It was really good! Expensive as HELL, but good! :grin:

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I just bought an all numbers-matching '63 split- rear-window coupe!!!

I'm a li'l excited. Now, what colour to paint it?

Christine red. Although Christine was a '58 Plymouth Fury (So the book says, I think they actually used a '58 Belvedere in the movie) they had her done up in Chevy's Spectra Red with a couple of layers of clear coat. Beautiful.....

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