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Classical Music Thread

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I wont listen to it myself but if someone in the house plays it I would listen to it. But I really suck at names of those compositions..

Classical music can be very relaxing or interesting from time to time. Once in a while I even go to a classical concert cause my brother plays the saxophone in an orchestra :)

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I like Albinoni. I have a cd compiling "Adagio in G Minor" as well as some stuff he wrote for the oboe (has some pipe organ thrown in there for good measure). I was also gonna say Erik Satie. Nuttin' beats his minimal compositions. It sits in stark contrast to Baroque (Bach, Vivaldi). I dislike Baroque. I like melodramatic, but I also don't like something that overflows with orchestration.

"Adagio In G Minor" :beatnik:


Edit: This version is played quicker, so it loses its effect, but by the same token it's shorter and more tolerable for those with lesser attention spans.

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In the early seventies, every young music lover had, among their CS&Y, Stones, Led Zepp, Floyd or Airplane Lps, two classic albums: "Adagio" (Albinoni) and "The Four Seasons" (Vivaldi) :grin:

My parents listened to classic music but I never get to like it very much.

Still I love Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Dvorak.

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