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  1. Lennon FO SHO. McCartney I find to be too poppy and commercial.
  2. hahahahaha . . It really sucks that Ryan's gone. He was really rockin, and he has the best originals ive heard so far, including All the top 6 (mySpace). He was just getting started too. Now it's up to Lukas and Magni for me.
  3. Any chance of us getting a songfacts page for cotton eyed joe, theres a lot of history in the song before the rednecks or whoever they were 'technofized' it. Yes I made that word up.
  4. Good review, I checked them out last time you mentioned them and theyre good. . . in small doses.
  5. Band: Marillion / CSN&Y Artist: Joel Plaskett or Sufjan Stevens
  6. Danielj

    Help! Please!

    Thanks, no luck getting to any. . . i am in Boston now, and last night, Foos played with Frank Black! Oh My God! I can't believe I didn't get to it. Expensive tickets, but if I had known Frank black was gonna be there I woulda done it. I'm a bigger fan of his and the Pixies than of the Foo Fighters. . . Oh Well.
  7. I think he was really high. That is the short-sighted, ridiculous comment I've ever heard. He should spend more time exploring others music before making a comment like that.
  8. Thats a lot of money on cds. A LOT
  9. We have an album reviews section, and I know everyone here listens to music! Unfortunately, almost all the reviews onthe first page are mine or Batmans, so pick up the slack, and review some albums, so everyone can get a broader sense of what you like, and find some new artists!!!!!
  10. I disagree (For peace's sake) Kind of a paradox isnt it.
  11. haha the Sauteed in Wrong Sauce Comment was amazing wasnt it! Thank god Zayras gone. Ryan has has had the encore twice in 3 weeks! Steppin up my man. His solo stuff is awesome www.myspace.com/rstar
  12. Death Cab For Cutie ... I've heard some people call them emo, but they're really far from it if you listen.
  13. Danielj

    Help! Please!

    OK, my family and I are travelling down the US East Coast next week. i'm looking for some good concerts to go see and I need helppp. The that are possible are Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. realy appreciate the help. Thansk a lot. Dan P.S. We probably wont g any more south that Philly, if that far.
  14. The most soothing, diverse and versatile music in the business. Sometimes vocals and lyrics can ruin the vibe of a song. With this there is none of that. Also, the top notch fingerstyle guitarists can really wow you with sounds they get out of an acoustic guitar. Most fingerstyle guitarists use percussive elements like banging on different parts of the body to get differnet noises, and also use tapping, and slap, tap natural and false harmonics. TOP FINGERSTYLE GUITARISTS Michael Hedges Leo Kottke Preston Reed John Fahey Justin King Kaki King Don Ross Pierre Bensusan El McMeen Erik Mongrain.
  15. They did an album WITH Ben Harper.
  16. Of course, I'm sure there could be some exceptions depending on . . . personality. . .
  17. BUMP so that everyone new can order the CD!!!! BTW, anyone who listens to them notice that they all seem to get fat. Fish got fat, then Rothery, now Hogarth :P:P Still, amazng musicians and writers. Hogarth has one of the strongest voices in music today. Everyone check out this Crash Course CD.
  18. iron and Wine is one Samuel Beam, his acoustic guitar, banjo and some slide here and there. His album Creek drank the cradle is a very relaxed album that could be considered folk/indie. His lyrics are very thought provoking and interestng. The themes are often southern and show southern imagery. There are references to the bible in many spots, though not always in a religious sense. Bascally, this music is very relaxing, just lying in your bed at night, drifting off.
  19. I never created this before now because I guess I thoguht OLP were rather popular everywhere. Our Lady Peace are an awesome Candian band, that are pretty popular up here. They are pretty rockin; but also have some amazing acoustic and soft songs. Unfortunately, their last few albums have been poor, but I hope they will come back. With the albums 'Clumsy' and 'Happiness... is not a fish you can catch' the guitars were rockin and melodic, the vocals were dangerous. Raine (vocals) has a great voice for rock. His falsetto is amazing, and he really used it on earlier albums. These guys are one of my favorite bands from the late 90's early 00's. Great lyrics, vocals, and instruments that don;t overdo everything, which is rare for that time period. I saw these guys in May, and it was SO rockin I was singing along to lyrics I didn't know I knew. If you aren't listening to OLP you are missing out BIG TIME. Check em out. Notable songs: Superman's Dead 4 A.M. One Man Army Thief Clumsy Life Innocent Automatic Flowers Waited Where Are You
  20. OK revised edition for mine. Regrettable concerts: Default, Sum 41. The rest:P : Australian Pink Floyd (Obviously, an Australian PF tribute band) Joel Plaskett (Solo Acoustic) Guy Davis (Solo Blues guitar) Joel Plaskett (With band) twice Sisters Euclid (Most rocking jazz band of all time) Our Lady Peace (Amazing really) Openers worth mentioning Two Hours Traffic Neverending White Lights Pete Elkas:rockon: Matt Barber Vanessa Rodrigues Soul Project
  21. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. I never can with you Batman
  22. A guy named Erik Mongrain has no records released, and pretty much the only place you can find his music is on youtube. He is probably the best guitarist thats ever lived IMO. Not the most enjoyable, or soulful YET, but in terms of talent and potential, I think he could be the greatest. I'm sure Jimi hendrix or Joe Satch couldn't do any of that. Airtap PercusienFA Fusions Timeless
  23. Think about what you're saying. '68 and 6'9 were the psychadelic years, lots of influence. You couldn't put the stooges over much then.
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