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  1. It's likely that there was a topic like this before, but either I din't find it or it's already old. It's easy: Who is your favourite (musical) artist? Mine is George Harrison.
  2. I don't necessarily want to find the song, just the general kind of music. Yes I don't like it, but because I just can't find out what it is it keeps bugging me even more. Strange, I know. And thank you, FarinU, but the first song was too rhythmic and the second song was completely different. Thanks for trying, though.
  3. Ok, thanks for your help, everybody...I tried downloading something at LimeWire, but there's so many songs and well, I'd rather if you could give me an example of a genre, tell me the name of a house song for example that fits all the criteria so I can download it. Weird request, but just downloading something random doesn't really tell me much. Oh, and it's certainly not techno, not so certain about house either...It wasn't as electric as those, more distorted if you know what I mean, and not quite as rhythmic, more smooth. Edit No.2: Well I downloaded some songs (awful), but in all those songs the electronic stuff had a certain melody, but in the music I'm talking about it was just there to create sounds.
  4. Ok, at the risk of sounding like a dork, I need identifying of a kind of music. I was at some party a week ago, and they played this kind of music that I didn't enjoy, but I was thinking about it again today and I wondered what this music had been. I'll try to describe it the best I can. It was just instrumental, a steady beat and lots of electronics and bass. Somewhere in the middle it was only electronics, but not synthesizers or the like but it sounded like a heavily distorted bass or something, very weird.. Well, that's all I can say. Suggestions?
  5. Hello I'm looking for a song. The lyrics I can remember are "Shake a leg -- let the jazz begin" (not so sure about the jazz). It sounded very Elvis-Presley-like, but I couldn't find a song by him that matches the lyrics. It's old rock'n'roll, the only songs with those lyrics I could find were ACDC, but they have a different sound (maybe it's a cover version, so...) Thanks.
  6. I know that this film was out in the UK (not sure if in America too) last year, but it hasn't been released here. Has anyone seen it yet? How is it? Thanks!
  7. I totally agree with you, PinkFloyd, although I'm way late to enter this topic...forgive me. He was always my favourite Stone and my secondfavourite musician, and he doesn't get the credit he deserves, in my opinion. Now I'm waiting to see whether the film on him is going to be any good...
  8. Ok, there's three songs (probably from the 60s) that I'm looking for, and I've got a couple of lines from each... 1. If paradise is half as nice as heaven that you take me to Who needs paradise? I'd rather have you 2. Lovely lady Do you know you've lost the fight ..On the last day of our life ...You've said you tried But tomorrow we all could die (and then there comes something that sounds like) Lady low, lady high 3.Looking out of my loneliness, day after day I give my love to you I remember finding out about you I remember holding you while you sleep Yes. Anyway I'd really appreciate it if someone recognises them, especially the first one...I know it's really famous and that I ought to know who did it but... Thanks.
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