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  1. Many of the new age bands seem generic and all too banal. I seen someone put Barenaked Ladies on their list. As a Canadian I'm appalled, lol. I guess I have to remember that these are peoples' opinions so there not set in stone or anything.
  2. A great Canadian band that has not been noticed in the world scene. Some of their songs are one songfacts.com but I don't believe many people on this site have even heard of these guys.Great songs include: Superman's Dead 4 am One Man Army Is Anybody Home? Thief
  3. Overexposure---Zuckerbaby Please, if you have not listened to the song, give it an ear before dismissing it. Its one of those newer songs that will not utterly dissapoint you. Our Lady Peace-Superman's Dead STH-Zepplin(duh!)
  4. Hhhmmm......don't mind that song, I think its actually the perfect example of how vocals can make a song. What I think is overrated is Bowie's "Fame". I like Space Oddysey, Changes, and even the collaboration on Under Pressure. Maybe I missing something with that song.
  5. Does anyone else think that the little riff in the middle of The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult was cool, it gives the song tempo.
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