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  1. The blues are the best genre of music out there. The power that can be put into the songs, but not only that. if anyone plays an instrument, it's FUN. If I could only play one genre on guitar for the rest of my life it would be the blues. Solos in the blues really feel as if they fit, unlike rock sometimes. You do not solo in the blues for the sake of showing off, it sounds RIGHT(Jazz is like this as well). I really think Eric Clapton grasped this better than anyone. There are so many aspects there could be at least 10 subgenres. Classic Blues (Acoustic Blues) like Robert Johnson, Modern Blues (Melvin Taylor and the Slack Band, as Bluesboy mentioned, amazing), Blues Rock (Kenny Wayne Shephard) Blues Jazz fusion ( John Maclaughlin) etc. Amazing genre.
  2. ya my parents are seing them in New York this March Break .. . . The COttars, REPRESENTIN cape Breton are opening too. . . . . Im pissed
  3. I decided to do this for my french speaking project . . . It kinda of hit home as I was doing it how much life is worth, and how selfish it is for developped countries like canada, the U.S. and Britain to be wasting time and money while people are dying. We probably don't have thatmany Frechies here on the boards, but i'll post it anyway. . . I think I have a song to come soon too . . . Oh, and I havernt corrected the french yet, so no one think I'm dumb please. Bonjour, aujourd'hui je vais vous parler de un sujet tellement interessant. Un sujet qui, si vous ecoutiez bien, pourrait changer la vie des millions. Un sujet qui peut parraitre hors de nos mains, mais un qui est vraiment pas trop loin de tout. Aujourd'hui, je vais vous parler de la pauvrete en Afrique. Les milles sont mort chaque jour en Afrique de la famine, de la mal-nutrition et d'autres problemes de sante. Au cours de se discours, je vais vous donner les raisons de pourquoi Afrique est si pauvre, ce qui est fait metenant pour arreter la pauvrete en Afrique, et ce que VOUS pouvez faire pour aider le cas. Pourquoi, demandez-vous, est-ce que l'Afrique est si pauvre? Le plus grand probleme est de la gouvernement mauvaise. Les gouvernements aident aux riche a devenir plus riche, et aux pauvres rester pauvre. Je dirait plus pauvre, mais avec la moyenne des Africains gagner moins que $0.65 Americain, sela cera preque impossible. Par example, la president de Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, as un plan pour partager la terre entre la peuple. Un fermier chanceux, mais encore pauvre, qui avait un grand ferme et les tracteurs, avait son ferme coupe en 12 pieces, mais cela n'etait pas la probleme. Quand la fermier voulait entrer et prendre ses tracteurs, les hommes plus riche ont l'arreter. La fermier etait la promis par un court la permission dentrer avec les ploiciers et reposseser ses tracteurs. Mais quand il a venu au poiciers, ils ont dit que il n'y avait pas d'autos. Mas, la, les memes riches hommes qui ne laissait pas le fermier repossesser ses tracteurs ont vwenu au policiers pour l'aide avec les voleurs, 4 officiers et vehicules ont ete donner. Ceci est seulment un exemple de la gouvernement corrompu. Les gouvernements ne respecte pas les loies qui aident la peuple generaux. La seul pays qui travaille bien depuis l'independence est Botswana. Ce n'est pas un coincidence que la moyenne revenu est devenu $3000 de presque rien. Les efforts qui arrivent metenant pour aider les pauvres en Afrique sont tres morale, et ils sont une bonne effort, mais ils ne sont pas les decisions intelligent. Par exemple, Live 8 a detruit la debte de 18 pays, mais cela aide la gouvernement, pas la peuple qui sont dans les rues en famine, et qui vient en maisons pire que les maisons pour nos chiens en Amerique du Nord. Il n'y as pas d'argent qui vas directement au peuples. Aussi, il n'y avait pas de regles demander qui inclue banner les fusils. Et la plus grande probleme etait ignorer. En Amerique, il y avait un plus grande moyenne pour les subventions de chaque fermeur de cotton que TOUT l'economie des certains pays en Afrique. Ce n'est pas seulment la faute des gouvernements en Afrique pour la pauvrete d'Afrique, mais au gouvernements des pays developper aussi. La subvention est de l'argent donner au personnes, ou companies qui sont au 'interet public'. Pour ce raison, les companies de cotton et beurre etc. Peut vendre leurs choses pour moin, mais encore gagner l'argent. Cela cause les gouvernements et companies de l'Afrique d'acheter les marchandises des pays developper, au lieu de l'acheter des fermiers pauvre de leur pays meme. C'est un question d'humanite, est-ce qu'on veut possiblement sauver les vies des millions, ou acheter les grains pour 10 sous de plus? Ethiquement, nous devons acheter nos marchandises de l'Afrique, pas l'autre facon! Qu'est-ce que nous pouvons faire pour changer ceci? Comme la jeunesse du pays, et les chefs prochaines du pays, nous devons augmenter la conscience de ce fait et, quands nous sommes permit de voter, faire certain qu'on fait la bonne choix. Les vies des personnes est la plus grand issue au monde metenant, meme si nos chefs ne le voie pas. Qu'est-ce qui est plus important, les vies des millions, ou un sous de difference dans nos taxes? Aussi, nous pouvons supporter les organizations comme War Child, et meme les gens ils meme qui vont a l'Afrique pour aider. Comme j'ai dit, c'est un question d'ethiques, vous savez metenant ce qui fait la difference, fait la bonne choix. Merci.
  4. Those are some deep feelings to be letting a teacher read . . . . . my mom is my English teacher . . . . small towns man
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    I was a fruiter wasnt i
  6. 2004 definetly needed an album like this to bring some diversity.
  7. Taylor and Inaudible Melodies by Jack Johnson
  8. 1 Reply? Get with it people. This man was a genius. We can only with he were still with us today. RIP
  9. Oh I agree PF, Lifesons riffs are the envy of every other guitarist. This topic must have been done a million times though, Rush is a popular band on these boards and threads about them have been much more specific than this. I particularly remember the thread about "one of the dreatest albums of all time" witht he pic of 2112 under it. . . chris didnt see the pic and rambled on about the wall. . . good times
  10. Im really liking Mother Love Bones singers voice right now .. . I think it's Andrew Wood, but not rich enough. . . Dave Gilmour is amazing too, but cant really belt it. . . im gonna say Chirs Cornell
  11. Uncle joes e-mail sparked my interest to come back here, and I thoguht I'd start my return on a high note. I truly believe that this is the best album of the 1990's. Shannon Hoon, the groups lead singer and songwriter was a creative genius until his untimely demise in '94. It shows in this album as it does in it's successors, Soup and Nico. The album starts out strong, the strongest of the first three being Tones Of Home, an edgy rocker guaranteed to make you listen a little bit closer. The sixth song, Change, has some of the most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard, along with a 3 chord riff with embellishments like none other. The guitar solo will tear your heart out. The breakthrough hit, and the band's only hit, No Rain gained many gold records and awards. The riff is impossible to get your mind around, and it will leave you smiling and singing no matter how much rain there actually is. To end the album on a high note, the haunting Drive will send chills through every bone in your body. The album is impossible to dislike, with not a bad song on it. As soon as I heard it, I became a Melonhead and have never looked back. With Hoon's unbelieveable vocals, and two guitars combining for several amazing solos, it is hard not to become one. The band was not afraid to turn away from the mainstream grunge and hair metal genre's and create a true rock n' roll album no matter what it took. Sometimes using mandolins, and layered background vocals, this album will leave you in awe. CHANGE I don’t feel the suns comin’ out today Its staying in, it’s gonna find another way. As I sit here in this misery, I don’t Think I’ll ever see the sun from here. And oh as I fade away, They’ll all look at me and say, and they’ll say, Hey look at him! I’ll never live that way. But that’s okay They’re just afraid to change. When you feel your life ain’t worth living You’ve got to stand up and Take a look around you then a look way up to the sky. And when your deepest thoughts are broken, Keep on dreaming boy, cause when you stop dreamin’ it’s time to die. And as we all play parts of tomorrow, Some ways will work and other ways we’ll play. But I know we all can’t stay here forever, So I want to write my words on the face of today. And then they’ll paint it And oh as I fade away, They’ll all look at me and they’ll say, Hey look at him and where he is these days. When life is hard, you have to change.
  12. This album is amazing, some of the best blues I have ever heard. I also never tire of hearing it.
  13. Our town hosts an outdoor concert series every sunday night in the summers called Graville Green. I can't remember past 2002, but I'll list some notables Wave (not good but more known) Mir Matt Mays & El Torpedo Lenny Gallant Jimmy Rankin Great Big Sea Chilliwack And now I'll get to ones I payed money for Default (Calgary Stampede) not too bad a show Sum 41/Treble Charger -Sum 41 headlined, but treble charger was far better, still not good for anything but moshing. Australian Pink Floyd- Unbelieveable show, I would have thought it was them if I hadnt known better. They had everything down to mthe last note. And the stage was unbelieveable, at the end they blew up the giant . . . . . . . . . . . . . KANGAROO April Wine- Good show, ot in the same league as the aussies, a bit burnt out, and not so good to begin with, but they put a good show on. Joel Plaskett twice ACOUSTIC SHOW- In may, I was speechless, he captivated everyone in the audience, he alone, with an acoustic guitar and a microphone, entranced everyone there, I could not get over how he could do it. His openers were amazing too. ELECTRIC SHOW- 3 months later, the best show I have ever seen by far. Aussies had nothing on him. With his band the Emergency, it was perfect, anyone who has a chance to see him, do it. yeah not many eh, pity im 14
  14. Change-Blind Melon for me. Perfect music and words.
  15. That is a good song, but i think if it is your favorite song you should know who it's by, its Sense Field, not Senses Fail.
  16. Chris, you say anyone can be non-sensicle. You call yourself a Pink Floyd fan man!? Syd Barrett was very much as non-sensicle as Frank Zappa, they are both genius. Hot Rats is pure musical genius, as is Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. It's called serious psychadelia, get in our out Chris no need to be hypocritical
  17. I saw someting called the sounds of sixties that showed the nice, i dont know if they were big or not given my age, but they were amazing The Nice had keith emerson on the organ/keys/piano. Man he was like the hendrix of keys. he was like going insane, craziest thing ive ever seen
  18. except that kurt cobain couldnt write or play guitar half as good as anyone in blind melon.
  19. Blind Melon in my opinion, could have been the greatest rock and roll band of the century. I have seen very little to no mention of their names in previous posts, and when i searched their name less than 2 and a half pages came up. Anyone who has not heard Blind Melon should stop what their doing right now, anything, and go out and buy one of their albums, any of them. There is a mighty good chance you will fall in love. Shannon Hoon, i think is one of the greatest writers of the 90's if not the century, he could express so many feelings, his own, such as New Life (Deep inside must defy arrangement I've been a stumblin' from the startin' blocks 'til now), and more global minded themes such as Mouthful of Cavities (Send a lettewr to a friend of mine, tell him how much I used to love to watch him smile, Say I haven't seen him smile in a little while). His voice can pull you up when you are down, I doubt there is a better song than No Rain for that purpose. His death is almost unbearable for me, I could have seen him perform, I could have perhaps met him and told him that he is perhaps the only musician who has meant so muh to me, his lyrics mean something to me, all of his songs, and his voice just brings it out even more I miss you Shannon, Rest In Peace. The rhythm section of Brad Smith and Glen Graham are a perfect match, as are Christopher Thorn and Rogers Stevens on guitar. Thats why i pick eithr soup or their self titled album to be on list 12
  20. Blind Melon Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin Neil Young and Crazy Horse Crosby Stills Nash And Young Oasis
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