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    same band- different incarnations??

    As I stated in ALbum Reviews, if ANYONE WENT THERE (It's improved slightly since my last bashing) they would know that I feel that Rage Against The Machine was the 90's Bob Dylan, only a little more outrageous and direct.
  2. Danielj

    Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

    I agree with Peachy. Now I have to find that album!
  3. Danielj

    MTV Video Music Awards 2006

    I can't help but like that damn Panic! at the disco band. They're soooo catchyyyy gah!.
  4. Danielj

    COME ON people

    We have an album reviews section, and I know everyone here listens to music! Unfortunately, almost all the reviews onthe first page are mine or Batmans, so pick up the slack, and review some albums, so everyone can get a broader sense of what you like, and find some new artists!!!!!
  5. Danielj

    Clapton? Anyone attending?

    I would kill to see him live.
  6. Danielj

    "The Wild Hawaiian" by Henry Kapono

    You're having a hey-day arentcha Peachy
  7. Aerial Boundaries - Michael Hedges 1. Aerial Boundaries 2. Bensusan 3. Rickover's Dream 4. Ragamuffin 5. After The Gold Rush 6. Hot Type 7. Spare Change 8. Menage A Trois 9. The Magic Farmer Speaking as a guitarist, this is probably the most amazing album in terms of musicianship I have ever heard. Michael had a unique outlook on the guitar: "I'm not trying to play guitar, I'm trying to play music" Because of that outlook, he threw out all old techniques and created his own. The album is almost exclusively Michael and one acoustic guitar. On two songs there are overdubs, and on one there is a flute. Aerial Boundaries, among the fans of Michael Hedges is considered one of the most difficult songs to play. He keeps a rhythm and tempo with one hand hammering on, and picks open strings with the other, so it sounds like two guitars, but is only one. You'd think with just one instrument every song would sound sort of the same, but this slbum is quite diverse. Aerial Boundaries is completely unique to Michael, but the next, Bensusan sounds as if it has a celtic feel. And the third, Rickover's Dream is non-coincidentally quite dreamy. His use of harmonics at the start creates an airy feel, and then afterwards uses a lot of chords so it has a fuller sound, and the slap harmonics give it a pop and serious effect. The album continues on, each song with it's own feel and almost their own genres. Neil Young's After The Gold Rush doesn't stick out on first listen, but after a while it becomes more complex and interesting. Hot Type is a short song i could class as funk I suppose, lots of rakes. My point is, this album is amazing to hear just because of the techniques on guitar, but it is so much more. Michael Hedges was a true composer, and an amazing one at that.
  8. Danielj

    Covers done better than the originals

    Waterloo Sunset is one of The Kinks very best, but I have a live solo acoustic version by elliott smith, and it is amazing.
  9. Danielj

    same band- different incarnations??

    I wouldn't really call Bono "this generation' anyways.
  10. Danielj

    Metal Music

    Can't stand very much of it. . . I can listen to Led Zeppelin's metal songs because they keep it interesting, AND I know they have another side. I'll also hear a song now and then that will spark my interst, but not usually. . . It's not for me.
  11. Danielj

    Lennon or McCartney

  12. Danielj

    Lennon or McCartney

    Lennon FO SHO. McCartney I find to be too poppy and commercial.
  13. Danielj

    ROCKSTAR: Supernova

    hahahahaha . . It really sucks that Ryan's gone. He was really rockin, and he has the best originals ive heard so far, including All the top 6 (mySpace). He was just getting started too. Now it's up to Lukas and Magni for me.
  14. Danielj

    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (self titled)

    Good review, I checked them out last time you mentioned them and theyre good. . . in small doses.
  15. Danielj

    Your favourite artist

    Band: Marillion / CSN&Y Artist: Joel Plaskett or Sufjan Stevens
  16. Danielj

    Help! Please!

    Thanks, no luck getting to any. . . i am in Boston now, and last night, Foos played with Frank Black! Oh My God! I can't believe I didn't get to it. Expensive tickets, but if I had known Frank black was gonna be there I woulda done it. I'm a bigger fan of his and the Pixies than of the Foo Fighters. . . Oh Well.
  17. Danielj

    Help! Please!

    OK, my family and I are travelling down the US East Coast next week. i'm looking for some good concerts to go see and I need helppp. The that are possible are Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. realy appreciate the help. Thansk a lot. Dan P.S. We probably wont g any more south that Philly, if that far.
  18. Danielj

    Dylan - Modern Music Stinks

    I think he was really high. That is the short-sighted, ridiculous comment I've ever heard. He should spend more time exploring others music before making a comment like that.
  19. Danielj

    Your Record collection.

    Thats a lot of money on cds. A LOT
  20. Danielj

    ROCKSTAR: Supernova

    Patrice is gone thank god.
  21. I disagree (For peace's sake) Kind of a paradox isnt it.
  22. Danielj

    ROCKSTAR: Supernova

    haha the Sauteed in Wrong Sauce Comment was amazing wasnt it! Thank god Zayras gone. Ryan has has had the encore twice in 3 weeks! Steppin up my man. His solo stuff is awesome www.myspace.com/rstar
  23. Danielj

    Indie Music!!!!

    Death Cab For Cutie ... I've heard some people call them emo, but they're really far from it if you listen.
  24. Danielj

    Fingerstyle Guitar

    The most soothing, diverse and versatile music in the business. Sometimes vocals and lyrics can ruin the vibe of a song. With this there is none of that. Also, the top notch fingerstyle guitarists can really wow you with sounds they get out of an acoustic guitar. Most fingerstyle guitarists use percussive elements like banging on different parts of the body to get differnet noises, and also use tapping, and slap, tap natural and false harmonics. TOP FINGERSTYLE GUITARISTS Michael Hedges Leo Kottke Preston Reed John Fahey Justin King Kaki King Don Ross Pierre Bensusan El McMeen Erik Mongrain.
  25. Danielj

    Forty Years In Music

    They did an album WITH Ben Harper.