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  1. 'Ve are the Hives and ve are from Sveeden' Top band. Regards
  2. DUG - you're not Tim Brooke Taylor in disguise are you? Regards
  3. Its either Timmy Mallett or Thora Hird. Regards
  4. Hi Windy, yes, baby girl born on Thursday, everybody doing fine thanks. Regards
  5. In a similar vein - SLF - Stiff Little Fingers. Regards
  6. 'The Hunter' by Free. In fact almost any Free song. A much underrated band. Regards
  7. Sheer Heart Attack - now there's a good album I had forgotton about! Regards
  8. I agree with you CD, but I reckon I could listen to about 100. Good to see 'Been Caught Stealin' in there though. Regards
  9. Sorry about this folks, but here we go. My Dad swears that Paul Kossoff (the fellow from Free) had tea at our house 30 years ago. My Dad was doing some work for the Prison Service at the time, and managed to get him to play for some prisoners. I didn't meet him. A family friend married an up & coming music industry person many years ago (divorced now). At the time he represented a number of new acts including Radiohead. Apparently there were some members of Radiohead at the wedding reception but I don't remember anybody that scruffy. I didn't meet them. My sister and her husband do a bit of promotion as a hobby, and are friends with The Damned. A few years ago the band played in a small club in town I was living in, as a bit of a favour to my sister & husband. I was away that weekend. I didn't meet them. An ex-girlfriend's sister used to go out with the bass player from Terrorvision. I didn't get to meet him either. I am sure there are others, but as I didn't get to meet any of them I can't remember! Regards PS - one for Costello, I once saw Elvis Costello in a supermarket in Camden (London). He was studiously comparing frozen vegetables, so I didn't like to interrupt (you don't do you?), so I didn't meet him either. I did meet the runner-up in the UK 'human beat-box' championships in the pub a few weeks ago. The conversation was a bit one way though, something like:- How do you get to be a human beat-box then, mate? Chpaw bp bp bp tsk tsk..... Regards
  10. I am amazed nobody has mentioned Ian Gillan or Noddy Holder. Regards
  11. I bought their CD this weekend, and they are well worth the effort. Nothing like Joy Division though, so I don't know where that one came from. Always one to promote the late Mr Curtis, do try some Joy Division, you may like it too. Regards
  12. TP, Duran Duran were massive here too, at the same time as Spandau Ballet (featuring Tony 'pub singer' Hadley) and others of the ilk. I never liked Mr LeBon's voice, probably because all the girls at my school did. My favourite band of the new romantic gendre was Japan, even if David Sylvian did look like a big girl's blouse. Sorry to insult your hero. He was a top man in a couple of respects though - cracking videos and a liking for Ducati 888 motorcycles. Regards
  13. Sorry TP, but it must be the first time a chord has been struck regarding Mr LeBon! Regards
  14. Mariah Carey has a fine set of lungs, surely? Regards
  15. Simon Le Bon - sorry Simon, but Duran Duran would've been big if somebody else sang instead. Regards
  16. Kings of Leon for that 'old' sound, anybody? Regards
  17. Top 80s english rock band with roots in Goth (earlier incarnations as 'Southern Death Cult' and 'Death Cult'), but more accessible tunes. Think 'The Mission' and 'Sisters of Mercy' with floral shirts, but IMO much more entertaining. You didn't need to dress in black and 'chicken dance' to 'The Cult'. Regards
  18. My personal Cult favorite is 'She Sells Sanctuary', but off your list I would pick Iggy and the Stooges. Regards
  19. Isn't it about an East German moped the band used to use to get to gigs in their early days? Regards
  20. I have a mate who is into Ubu. Dark, loud stuff indeed! Regards
  21. Well said Martin. My advice to anybody considering taking drugs is make sure you are somewhere you feel safe with people you trust and don't be tempted to take as much as those around you who have done it before. Its pointless telling people to 'just say no', as this is no help at all and won't stop someone doing something they want to do. It would be better to emphasise the 'Russian roulette' aspect to drug taking, with proper explanation of the health and social risks associated with each substance. Regards
  22. '24 Hours from Tulsa', the Gene Pitney version with the brass at the start. A unique intro? Regards
  23. Hey waddya know! I've got that on a 3 track CD called 'Come Anytime', dated 1989. Thanks lads, I forgot I had that one. Regards
  24. I agree with 'Stoneage Romeos'. What about Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - top act. Does anybody know the title/Label of a double album of Aussie bands doing Iggy & the Stooges covers? I had this on tape years ago, and would like in on CD if it still exists. Regards
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