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  1. i just need an opinion on what band's box set would be a good buy? i have queen's crown jewels box set, and was very pleased...im thinkin led zep's studio recordings...
  2. dont tell me the one you kinda like that has the most gross sales or w/e lol just tell me which one you are currently liking. ive always liked "a night at the opera" by queen
  3. lol sorry, if i came off as a hater, no i dont hate zep, i have bout 20 songs right here on my comp lol.
  4. definately Velvet Revolver...but i guess Linkin Park in about 20 years is going to be considered some great idol just because they were "brave" enough to include more turntables and keyboards than guitars in their music and call it rock ::
  5. Just wondering, because if you look around, most good bands around are hardly ever noticed compared to SOME bands...*cough*zeppelin*cough* lol nothing against themthough, love the songs, just a little bit overhyped of a band . But, you know, some bands will make great songs, but its just people never really catch on to the band, i dunno
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